The wise words of Shri Ram which are the guiding forces in life

While one pursues different goals in life, it becomes a journey of learning. In this journey, the most important thing what we get is the guidance and wise words which mentor to walk in the right path and reach the goal. It is said in the Ramayan that one should never step back to learn good things and listen to wise advice wherever and whatever situation it is given. Shri Ram’s behaviour and nobility forever stands in the hearts of all through his gentle quotes through which he made an everlasting mark of how to lead life as a true human. The quotes make us realise that life might be tough, but not impossible to live and one needs to muster courage like Shri Ram to keep moving ahead in life, be it joys or sorrows.
“To be happy always is not possible and happiness and sorrow are alternate in everyone’s life”
When Queen Kaikeyi asks Shri Ram to go to exile, there is neither resentment nor grief in Shri Ram. He mentions to Kaikeyi that one should train the mind to accept happiness or sorrow in the same way and he has already shifted his mind to the life of the forest and he would gladly leave taking the permission of his mothers. An Emperor’s son born and bought up in comforts gets ready to face the twists of sorrow in his life with balance paving way to humans to not to go down in adversities of life, and face them with confidence.
“Just as people are afraid of serpents, they are afraid of people who utter lies”
At Chitrakut, when Bharat asks Shri Ram to come back to Ayodhya, he says that his father’s word would become a lie and people would lose trust on him. Shri Ram mentions here the importance of being truthful and how people lose their trust when they hear lies from a virtuous person. To be truthful is the most difficult thing in life, but the most valuable one too.
“A wise man should foresee tragedy or misfortune and should take action to prevent to have a good and a safe life “
After the incident of Shurpanakha happens at Panchavati, Shri Ram says to Lakshman that they should be prepared for the subsequent consequences and be prepared to fight the demons. Shri Ram’s foresight indeed comes true when the demons come to fight them. Wise people always foresee problems and dangers and try to prevent them through proper thinking and planning. It is wise to keep ourselves guarded from the uncertainties of life so that we can face them with determination.
“Truth controls the world and Dharma is rooted in the truth”
Shri Ram’s greatest virtue was that he was the upholder of truth all his life. He always took the side of truth and valued it more than his life. As an ardent follower of Dharma, he gave relief to Sugriv, Vibhishan and many more by not only upholding his Dharma, but also theirs and giving out a message that Dharma is retained by following truth which was the greatest truth of his life.
Shri Ram with his ideals and wise words is the beacon of light and his wise words in different situations of his life give us the much needed inspiration for the same and indeed are the guiding forces to pursue our goals in life.