Good-news for Devotees, 6 Jyotirling visit will be started in this Shrawan Maas following all the required precautions

Shrawan is considered as the holiest months in the year as per the Hindu calendar, Shrawan maas is the sacred period for Hindus. According to Maharashtra’ Panchaag, Shrawan maas will be started from 21st of July.

Shrawan months are starting from 6th July onwards, as per the Hindu beliefs, this month belongs to Lord Shiva. During this period devotees visit 12 Jyotirlingas of India but due to this epidemic, only 6 Jyotirlingas’ visit has been allowed till now i.e., Somnath (Gujrat), Mallikarjun (Hyderabad), Mahakaleshwar (Ujjain), Omkareshwar (Khandwa), Kashi Vishwanath (Banaras), Nageshwar Mandir (Gujarat).

Devotees need to get registered themselves on the official websites of each respective Jyotirlingas, whichever they are going to visit. They will be allotted the time slots to visit and people will have to follow all the safety measure like social distancing and putting the masks on etc., individual worship ritual will not take place for safety purposes. A person having any symptom of this pandemic will not be allowed in the temples.

There is not any official update regarding the rest of the 6 Jyotirlingas but, as 4 of them are in Maharashtra hence they will remain closed seeing the condition of the corona, every decision will be taken as per the safety point of view.