Krishnashtami celebrated in the divine temples places where Shri Krishna resided

Krishna means the one who is the dark skinned one. But when one emerges into the deeper

devotion of the Lila Manusha Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu, one can understand that Krishna is the one

who removes the darkness of our minds and fills it with devotion and belief in him. Born on the

Ashtami of the Shravan month in the Rohini Nakshatr his birth as the eighth avatar of Bhagwan

Vishnu is celebrated with great fervour and devotion as Krishnasthami. Although all temples around

India celebrate this festival with great pomp and splendour, the festival comes out in with various

hues and colours in the three famous temples of Shri Krishna as the places where the temples

closely associated with the Lilas of Shri Krishna.

Mathura Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple – Mathura is an ancient city situated on the banks of

River Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh also popularly known as the Brajbhoomi. The Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi

Temple is home to a prison cell called Garbha Griha that is believed to be the exact birthplace of Shri

Krishna. The celebration goes on for two days, in which the people celebrate their first day by keeping

day-long fast, celebrations and feast at midnight after the birth time of Shri Krishna. The second day is

followed by Ras Lila dances in the entire Mathura singing and dancing the glories of Shri Krishna

Vrindavan – Very close to Mathura, is Vrindavan, the place where Shri Krishna spent his childhood days

with the Gopas and the Gopikas and also where Shri Krishna had played the Raas Lila with the Gopikas.

Here, the festivities start 10 days before. Various plays and dramas of Shri Krishna’s stories and the

Mahabharat, in which Shri Krishna played a major role, are enacted. A garden called Madhuban here is

known to be the exact place where Shri Krishna played the Raas Lila, and it is decorated beautifully and

the dance is played in the daytime. However, nobody plays during the night as the belief goes that Shri

Krishna and the Gopis come every night to play the Raas Lila.

Dwaraka –Dwaraka was the abode of Shri Krishna after Mathura. To counter the attacks of Kamsa’s

father-in-law Jarasandh, and to keep his people safe, Krishna asked Samudra Dev to given him some land

to build a city. The Ocean King agreed with one condition that he would take away the land into his

waters once Shri Krishna completed his incarnation. Then on the orders of Shri Krishna, Vishwakarma

built this rich and beautiful city in just two days. Although the city lies submerged in the waters today, the

temple of Dwarakadeesh on the shores of the sea is a popular destination. Devotees from all over throng

the temple during Janmashtami. Lord Dwarkadheesh is adorned beautifully and offered the Utsav Bhog

around 11:30 PM in the night. Devotees fast and staying up staying up until midnight, the time when

Krishna is believed to have been born and then at 12 AM welcome the Amighty amidst joy and

celebrations. Then the festival concludes with the offering of the Mahabhog.

Krishnasthami is one festival which celebrates the spirit of Shri Krishna in his varied way in not only

these divine temples, but also among all the temples of India, celebration in his Lila Manusha Avatar.