Lakshman – a brother every family would want to have

Where relations have come down to a mere mechanical actions, there is still one bonding which makes us stand together for one another in the running race of life, and that is family. The bond of elders and youngsters being together and standing for each other’s happiness, success and ambition is what it makes it an unbreakable one in any timeline. To add topping on the cream, if when one brother stands out and makes the supreme sacrifice and follows the elder brother like a shadow, then he gets a special place in everybody’s hearts for ever, and all would wish for such a sibling in their life too. This feeling of happiness was felt by none other than Shri Ram, with a brother like Lakshman, who not only was his follower all times, but also did his duty as a father and a son towards Shri Ram.
Attachment since birth – Lakshman right from his childhood was inclined towards the service of Shri Ram. Be it the royal palace of Ayodhya, the Gurukul of Rishi Vashisht or the journey with Rishi Vishwamitr, Lakshman never left the side of his brother. While Shri Ram went on the win the glory of killing the demons and getting advanced Astras from Rishi Vishwamitr, Lakshman humbly served his brother with immense happiness. Seeing his unconditional service, Rishi Vishwamitr taught him the Bala and the Atibala mantras which helped Lakshman during the time of exile, keeping him away from hunger and sleep while he served Shri Ram and Mata Sita twenty four by seven.
A caretaker all time – Leading a life in the unknowing conditions of forest is one and providing all comforts to his brother was another task for Lakshman. It was this little brother of Shri Ram who took care of Shri Ram as a father and a son. The brothers were up to themselves in the forest and Lakshman took care of everything right from building an ashram to collection of firewood, fruits and tubers in the forest. Shri Ram never felt any discomfort leading a life of a hermit for the ability of Lakshman to care of all his needs and with which Shri Ram could successfully fulfil his task of protecting the Rishis from the demons.
A man of wisdom – Lakshman was younger to Shri Ram, but imbibed all the qualities of Shri Ram in wisdom and courage, which again he always credited to being under the guidance of Shri Ram, with due humility. When Mata Sita was abducted, both the brothers did not know a single trace of her and Shri Ram feels heartbroken and angry because of the separation with his beloved. In an impulse, Shri Ram decides to destroy the whole world. In that moment of distress, Lakshman with his wise words guides Shri Ram towards duty and gives him courage to control his grief and punish the guilty. All way till Shri Ram again reunited with Mata Sita, Lakshman stands as Shri Ram’s support in facing the challenges and overcome them with success.
Shri Ram always believed in the capabilities of Lakshman and treated his little brother as a reflection of his own. But this does not make Lakshman an arrogant person, but in turn devoted his entire life in the service of Shri Ram. With all great love and affection for Lakshman, Shri Ram acknowledges Lakshman as his lifeline and shouts out to the world that Lakshman is one such sibling every family would love to have.