Lakshman and Shatrughan – Identical in Nature and Virtues

Siblings although born in the same family have different personalities, virtues and traits of their own. Though each of them develops into a different individual, yet are connected through the relationship of family. Ramayan depicts this beautifully showing the different personalities of the four brothers, yet connected with the unique bond of togetherness.

The beauty of Ramayan is that it has an elder brother, a younger one and also the twins, all in one family, showing all aspects of sibling relation. The twins, Lakshman and Shatrughan born to Queen Sumitra imbibe the qualities of their mother and devote themselves to the service of their elder brothers. It is often seen that youngsters in the family are given more comfort than the elders. But, Lakshman and Shatrughan do quite the opposite and instead devote themselves to take care of their elder brothers. This is a great quality and it imparts that even youngsters are responsible when it comes to keeping the family together.

Since childhood, Lakshman becomes very much attached to Shri Ram, and Shatrughan finds servitude in Bharat. None of them can live without each other. Lakshman finds the reflections of his parents, guru, brother, friend in Shri Ram. Shatrughan has total faith in Bharat and never leaves him alone. Both of the younger brothers become the soul of the elder brothers. They ideally show how beautiful a relation of a sibling can be.

Dedicating life in service of the elder brothers in spite of having a family of their own is a very difficult task, yet Lakshman and Shatrughan manage it with great devotion. With life partners who support them in their tasks, they unconditionally devote their life to the service of their brothers. Lakshman and Urmila are the epitome of unconditional sacrifice. As the better half of Lakshman, Urmila totally understands Lakshman’s devotion towards Shri Ram and supports him. When Shri Ram has to leave for the forest, Lakshman and Urmila silently sacrifice their personal life as they both have duties to take care of the family. While Lakshman serves Shri Ram, Urmila takes care of the mothers in the palace and holds them all together in times of grief, keeping aside her sorrow.

Shrutakirti is the princess of whom very less is spoken. She simply follows Shatrughan’ ideals and takes care of her elder sisters and the queens in the palace, supporting Shatrughan in all times. When Bharat is distressed with the separation of Shri Ram, Shatrughan becomes his strength. He never shies away from his responsibilities and just as his elder brothers, manages his duties well and takes care of the administrative affairs of the kingdom and keeps it united in spite of distress times when all the brothers were separated for the cause of Dharma.


Both Lakshman and Shatrughan are the shadows of Shri Ram and Bharat. A shadow is overcast by light, but its greatness is that it highlights the person with whom it is attached. Lakshman and Shatrughan give radiance and light to their elder brothers through their services and never let them feel any kind of discomfort or emptiness in life. It is only when such a support is given by family that great deeds can be achieved and Dharma can be retained. Both the twin brothers with their identical nature and virtues prove that if the support system of the family is strong, then no Manthara can break it.