Lakshman laughs in midst of the celebrations of Bhagwan Ram’s return back from exile

It was a time of celebration and festivities. After a long wait of fourteen years the whole of Ayodhya was rejoicing the return of Bhagwan Ram, Mata SIta and Lakshman’s returning back to Ayodhya. The moment came, when Bhagwan Ram descended the Pushpak Viman along with Mata Sita, Lakshman and his entourage of all the Vanaras and Maharaj Vibhishan. He goes forward and offers his salutations to his mother land, mothers and dear brothers. All hearts are filled with joy and ecstasy with this moment of joy and everybody is submerged in an ocean of bliss with the darshan of Bhagwan Ram.

Suddenly, Lakshman starts to laugh, and everybody is surprised, that what made him laugh out in this moment of emotion. Everybody starts to wonder whether he was remembering their past behaviour in certain situations and laughing at their actions at that time.

Sugriv first wonders “Did he laugh as I did not ask my wife Ruma, to undergo the Agni Pareeskha as Bhagwan Ram asked Mata Sita”. Angad worries “Did he laugh as I am serving the king after my father was killed”. Vibhishan ponders “Did he laugh as I gave out the secrets of Lanka to Bhagwan Ram”. Queen Kaikeyi wonders “Did he laugh that I asked for the two boons”

Hanuman had a different worry. He wonders whether Lakshman laughed at him. The reason for this was that he requested his father, Vayu dev, to guide the Ram Baan to Ravan’s abdomen to dry out the Amrit he had in his stomach and it does not miss its mark. Mata Sita thinks that “Did Lakshman laugh as I asked my husband to catch the golden deer” and finally Bhagwan Ram also thinks “Did Lakshman laugh that I went back of the golden deer which led to all the circumstances”.

All start thinking that Lakshman has laughed because of their actions, and suddenly a silence occupies the atmosphere of celebration. Noticing this, Bhagwan Ram goes to Lakshman and asks him the reason as to why did he laugh.

Lakshman then realises that his laugh has disturbed all. He falls at the feet of Bhagwan Ram and says “Dear Brother, Please forgive me for my untimely laugh. As you know, it was my vow to serve you in the exile without going to sleep for all the fourteen years. To fulfil this vow, I requested Urmila to sleep on my behalf for all the fourteen years. Past fourteen years, Urmila has helped me in this task by sleeping on my behalf. However, she woke up as soon as we have come and the sleep has suddenly come over me and I had to yawn. I laughed at myself that when all are so happy and celebrating our return, I feel sleepy, as this is a time to celebrate but not to feel sleepy”

Hearing to this, all start to laugh and the atmosphere cools down and everybody again gets back to the celebration and festivities mood of Bhagwan Ram’s coronation as the king of Ayodhya. Thus, is the funny incident which subtly also teaches a lesson that a laugh can be misinterpreted in many ways, and hence we need to be aware of our surroundings, mood and people when we act.

(Source – Various Oral and Interesting tales of Ramayan)