Lanka mourns its warriors

The consequences of heinous deeds are miserable. Destiny returns back the result of the deeds done and Ravan understands this with the loss of his most beloved son, Indrajeet. Listening about the fall of Lanka’s celebrated warrior, Ravan swoons. Gaining conscious after a long time, he rushes to Ashokvan to kill Mata Sita, blaming her for the destruction of Lanka. Suparshv an upright minister of Ravan stops him from doing so, and tells him to show his prowess on Shri Ram, rather than Mata Sita.

Ravan calls for all his army forces and asks them to set out for battle against Shri Ram. He orders them to encircle Shri Ram just like how clouds pour in the rainy season. The demons start to the battlefield with eccentric sounds and energy and surround Shri Ram and his army from all sides. Mounted with his Kodand, Shri Ram disperses the demons as how the scorching sun disperses the clouds. Shri Ram was so swift in the battle, that the demons could not see him, but only bear the brunt of his arrows.

The attack of Shri Ram was in great speed that none could understand from where he was attacking them. They could only listen to the mighty twang of his bow and nothing else. Within a span of three hours, Shri Ram kills ten thousand chariot riders, eighteen thousand elephants, fourteen thousand horses riders and two lakhs of demons on foot, thus wiping out entire Ravan’s army sent to battle single handed. The remaining few, fled into Lanka. All the celestials, Rishis were awe struck watching the mighty war of Shri Ram and praised him that it is Shri Ram and Bhagwan Shiv have that kind of a power of destroying the evil forces.

Lanka turns into an ocean of sorrow with all the men of the city dead. The female demons lament the death of their kith and kin in the battle and rebuke Shurpanakha as the cause of all the deaths. They wonder that how could Shurpanakha ever feel that the lotus eyed Shri Ram would fall for such an ugly woman like her. They chide Ravan that he could not understand the power of Shri Ram’s arrow which killed the demons like Viradh, Khar and Dushan. They scold that Ravan was blind to the power of Shri Ram who killed fourteen thousand demons single handed in Janasthan. They reproach Ravan for not listening to Vibhishan’s advice and bringing the doom of Lanka. They weep that none of Ravan’s boons could save him from the powerful arrows of Shri Ram. With all such lamentations, Lanka mourned the death of its warriors.

The lessons learnt through war are very expensive and the loss can be never sustained. Ravan by coming into the words of an ill minded woman like Shurpanakha brings his own destruction. His arrogance makes him do many mistakes, yet he never learns. He does not listen to the wise advice of his brother Vibhishan and instead feeds on the flattering words of his unruly commanders. As an end consequence, he is left alone with none to support. Being powerful and intelligent is not the only thing which counts, but being virtuous too is important and that which matters.