Life defined in the Kands of Ramayan

It is very well known to all that life is the greatest teacher and the experiences of life are the best solutions. Standing out totally to this is the life of Shri Ram and the lessons taught from the Ramayan, which are in one word, how a life can be and should be defined in the human world.
Shaping up the personality – Bal Kand, essentially teaches as to how a human can shape his individuality in the growing years through the values of humility and discipline. When Shri Ram serves his Gurus, he shows service and gratitude and how knowledge and power shine through them. His marriage to Mata Sita is an example of how the family‘s honour and the Guru’s word are the most important of all.
Defining family values – The Ayodhya Kand teaches the unity in a family is strength. Not only Shri Ram, but all his family stands up to Dharma. However, it is not through a fight or oppression that they challenge it, but through valuing promises thus teaching that unity is the strength of the family.
Standing up for the call of duty – The Aranya Kand is all about duty and devotion. As a person who knows to strike balance between joy and sorrow, Shri Ram teaches how a person can make his adversities work for the benefit of Dharma. Through his various visits to the Ashrams of great Rishis, Shri Ram gives them the fruits of their devotion and also answers the call of duty in getting rid of the demons of the Dandak forest.
Understanding the value of friendship – The Kishkinda Kand teaches the most valuable possession of a human is friendship. The friendship of Shri Ram and Sugriv proves that when sincere minds meet, then their friendship is for life. Shri Ram keeps up his promise of regaining back Kishkinda for Sugriv and Sugriv sticks to his word and sends out rallies of Vanaras in search of Mata Sita , thus proving that it is only a friend who stands up all times together.
Realising the strength of faith and courage – Hanuman’s courage, faith and strength beautifully come out in the Sundar Kand. Hanuman proves that faith is the greatest strength. If a person is courageous and truthful, then all obstacles and worries are temporary just as the hurdles Hanuman overcomes while crossing the unfathomable Ocean.
Standing up for Dharma – The Yuddh or the Lanka Kand gives great examples of courage and strength. Shri Ram defeats great warriors of Lanka with the virtue of courage. He not only motivates himself but his army too proving that great leaders are the ones who possess courage to face life at all odds and win over it.
Renunciation and detachment – When one stands up for responsibilities of Dharma, it is equally important that he understands the sacrifices to be done. Shri Ram and Mata Sita undertake the ultimate sacrifice of separating from each other realising the duties of a king need more importance than family. Although in pain, Shri Ram rules the kingdom efficiently and Mata Sita brings up her sons completing her role as a mother. Both detach from themselves, and attach to a greater good of Dharma. This Kand teaches us the importance of detachment which completes the life cycle of a human.
In a nutshell, It is the not just the story of Shri Ram, but life exemplified through the seven Kands of Ramayan which is an ever inspirational life lesson for all mankind.