Lord Vishnu’s 10 avatars elucidate Evolution and Civilization


Evolution refers to the change in heritable characteristics of biological species over successive generations and civilization means cultural and social development of human beings to be advanced. As per the scientific theory, we all have evolved and civilized as per the environmental and social factors we could adopt.

Hinduism has so many scientific theories and modern science has accepted most of them as facts. Apparently, Charles Darwin’s theory of Evolution has a parallel connection with Hinduism, and it is proved how Lord Vishnu reincarnated in different forms thousands of years ago and how humans adapted advanced civilization over a period of era

With reference to Garuda Purana, the following are 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu in succeeding order, and each of them reflects the evolution along with human civilization took place.

1. Matsya – Fish:-
As the earth was only primaeval water, Lord Vishnu appeared as fish, an aquatic, evolved during the Silurian period.

2. Kurma – Amphibian:-
Lord Vishnu as a turtle, after developing the ability to live in both land and water, evolved during the Devonian period.

3. Varaha – Mammal:-
A Boar from Satya Yuga is the 3rd avatar of Lord Vishnu, evolved after amphibians in the Triassic Period.

4. Narasimha – Half-human, half-animal:-
A human torso with a lion head and claws, this evolution came out as the emergence of human thoughts and intelligence among wild.


5. Vamana – Dwarf:-
Appeared as a complete human but as a dwarf, evolved as premature human beings.

6. Parashuram – Early human:-
Incarnated in the last Treta and Dwapara Yugas. Parashuram wielded an axe and was a warrior, evolved as early humans using weapons to survive in forests.

7. Rama – Human:-
Hero of the Ramayana, king of Ayodhya. The evolution shows civilization and how humans evolved to live in a civil society.

8. Balarama – Human:-
The elder brother of Lord Krishna, he may have originated in Vedic times as a deity of agriculture and fertility.


9. Krishna – Human:-
Lord Krishna was the master tactician, he indicates the humans living in a politically advanced society.

10. Kalki – Human:-
Avatar has not been incarnated yet, as per the Hindu holy books, he is said to be riding a white horse and drawing a sword blazing like a comet, it shows how humans have made weapons for mass extermination.