Love is most beautiful when silent – Shri Ram and Mata Sita

Expressing love in a relation of a husband and a wife is common to all , but few become special and are remembered forever just like Shri Ram and Mata Sita. The uniqueness of their relation was that they were never loud in expressing their love towards each other, but their hearts spoke it all. Shri Ram loved and respected Mata Sita with due honour, but never treated her as the one who had to serve him. Mata Sita, as the reflection of Shri Ram, followed his ideals and values and supported him in his cause for upholding Dharma.


Even in the jungles of Dandak forest, while Shri Ram saw that Mata Sita was always secure and protected with love and care, Mata Sita served Shri Ram diligently never making him feel the hardships of the forest life. It was silent caring and respect towards each other. One such incident which proves how much they adored each other is seen through Jayant, the son of Devraj Indr in the form of a crow known as Kakasur.

During their time at Chitrakut, Shri Ram and Mata Sita used to enjoy long walks on the riverside of Mandakini and spend time with each other in the threshold of nature. Once, Shri Ram strung a beautiful a garlands of flowers and adorned them on Mata Sita. After spending some time adorning her, Shri Ram slept on Mata Sita’s lap while she fanned him with her saree.

In the meanwhile, Jayant, son of Devraj Indr was passing by and seeing the couple, decided to play a prank on them. He took the form of a crow and started pecking Mata Sita’s lap. Mata Sita did not want to disturb her husband’s sleep and bore the pain silently without disturbing Shri Ram. After sometime, blood spread all over her lap and with the touch of the cold blood, Shri Ram woke up from his slumber wondering as to what disturbed him. He finds Mata Sita’s lap covered with blood and is enraged at the crow for pecking her. He immediately took a small shaft of grass, spelled it with the Brahmastr and directed it as an arrow on the crow.

Frightened at the anger of Shri Ram, Jayant took to his original form and started running away from the arrow, but nonetheless, the arrow followed him from the heavens to the neither world. Feeling pity for Jayant, Rishi Narad asks him to surrender to Shri Ram himself. Jayant rushes to Shri Ram and begs for forgiveness for having such a foolish thought and seeks protection from Shri Ram. Being the compassionate one, Shri Ram forgives him, but with respect towards the arrow asks Jayant to sacrifice one of his eyes to the arrow and leave. This incident not only shows the might of Shri Ram, but also the love what the couple had for each other, in Mata Sita bearing the pain silently and Shri Ram aiming the most powerful arrow on earth as he was unable to see her in pain.

Shri Ram and Mata Sita thus prove that relation of a husband and a wife is the most important one as it defines the companionship of two different individuals from different paths of life in a single journey. Shri Ram and Mata Sita’s love was never loud and outwardly expressed, but through their actions, depicted the much needed respect for the relation of a husband and a wife.