Mahabharat’s Duryodhan aka Puneet Issar’s interesting story of not doing the role of Bheem

Puneet Issar is among the most popular veteran actors and he is especially known for portraying the role of Duryodhan in Mahabharat. Born on the 6th of November, 1959, he had a keen interest in acting right from his childhood. His birth sign is Scorpio and he has a firm belief in astrology.

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As per astrology, Puneet’s personality can be defined as bold and intense, and he always prefers to remain calm under any situation. Mr. Puneet rose to immense popularity by doing the role of Duryodhan and the audience loved his performance. He is still recalled for this remarkable role.

Do you know that the maker of Mahabharat, Mr. BR Chopra, offered Puneet the role of Bheem in the show but he denied it? Yes, you read it right. When Mr. Puneet gave auditions for the show, BR Chopra told him that he was a perfect fit for the role of Bheem. But when he denied that, Mr. Chopra said, ”Hum tumhe hero bana rahe hain aur tum villain banna chaah rahe ho.”

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To this, Puneet Issar replied that he completely agrees the role of Bheem would be more influential but he knows the importance of Duryodhan in the entire Mahabharat. Puneet Issar further said he has also read the book called Jayadrath Vadh. After listening to him, BR Chopra got impressed by him and Puneet immediately got that role.