Mandodari – The Woman who suffered, yet stood for Dharma

Be it a man or a woman, It need not requires to be a great warrior or a skilled person to protect Dharma, but being virtous is what is important. The one who believes in Dharma derive their strength from Dharma itself. This fact is evenly proved by Mandodari in Ramayan. Mandodari’ was not a warrior, but she was no less equal to a warrior in being courageous to speak what is right and truthful. Her exceptional qualities stand as a testimony that even in a group of evil, Dharma stands firm if one follows it sincerely.


Mandodari as a virtuous wife always was devoted to her husband, but she never stopped herself from questioning his arrogant deeds. She was aware of Ravan’s arrogance, pride and lust for other women and suffered for it, yet she individually never broke her dharma of being loyal to her husband and giving him good counsel whenever needed.

She was proud that Ravan was the conqueror of the three worlds, yet requested him not to control the Devas and their duties which were essential for Dharma to be firm in the Universe. When Ravan takes the control of all the Navagrahas, she requests him not to force them to his command and let them do their duty as they are created for. This denotes her good hearted nature unlike other women of the demon clans. She prayed for her husband’s welfare and success, but never wished that he go against Dharma to be successful. As a pious wife, she tried all ways to dissuade Ravan from being evil.

Mandodari, being the principal queen, yet faces blasphemy from Ravan for questioning his act of abducting Mata Sita. She implores him to return back Mata Sita to Shri Ram and be righteous. But, Ravan ignores her advice and in turn rebukes her. Mandodari persuades Ravan warning him of all the consequences that would doom Lanka and their entire clan, but all go in vain. She suffers torn between the love of her husband and the duty of Dharma. All her fears come true and Shri Ram attacks Lanka. She is deeply anguished by the death of all warriors of Lanka in the battle, including her son Indrajeet. Till the last minute, she persuades Ravan to return back Mata Sita and save Lanka. But, Ravan never understands the valuable advice she gives to him and brings his own destruction.

Mandodari lived a life of Dharma, yet suffered for no fault of hers. She took in all the consequences of losing her son and all the blasphemy of the people of Lanka for Ravan’s fault, yet she stayed with Ravan till the end. It is her broad mindedness and true knowledge that even after the death of Ravan, she did not blame Shri Ram, but felt bad that’s Ravan’s ego bought the entire destruction. It takes a lot of strength to stand for Dharma in spite of losing everything. Mandodari was not a warrior, but she was even braver than anybody in counselling Ravan to walk on the path of Dharma.

She is an epitome of chastity and virtues, and is an inspirational woman from the Ramayan who teaches us that it is very important to question any unrighteous acts and stand for truth and righteousness.