Manners and habits which please Bhagawathi Lakshmi

Out of the four main Purusharthas of life, Arth is the second most important one, as it fulfils the necessities of life and provides the strength necessary for one to gain goodness and also spread goodness around the world. Wealth and prosperity are one of the main aspects of Arth and Bhagawathi Lakshmi is the goddess who provides them for the benefit of mankind and protects them from the troubles of life.
Wealth and prosperity is not only being rich with material wealth and riches, but also being rich from heart too like being helpful to others, being neat and tidy, being down to earth and respecting nature and its resources. It is such simple thoughts and practises which please Bhagawathi Lakshmi to be with humans and shower her blessings all through.
Cleanliness begins at heart and home – Keeping ourselves clean and being tidy and presentable to others is a good habit for health. A clean mind keeps away negative thoughts and reinforces good energy and luck. A neat home always attracts positivity. Hence, one needs to keep oneself, thoughts, surroundings and homes neat. This not only brings prosperity, but also wards away diseases and infections too.
Lights and shine – Bhagawathi Lakshmi is the symbol of light. Even a single ray of light dispels darkness. Diyas are one the Vedic symbols which attracts good luck, good health and prosperity into our homes. Hence the practise of lighting the diya in the early morning and during sunset is one of the healthiest practises to have the favour of Bhagawathi Lakshmi.
Waking up at the Brahm Muhurat – An early rise in the morning during the Brahm Muhurat is one of the wise practises to be inculcated. Invoking the Almighty and offering prayers at this time keeps the mind and body fresh and makes one work positively towards the goals of life.
Colourful Rangolis and fresh fragrances – Colours bring in happiness and brightness to life. Our Sanatana Dharma invites this freshness through colourful rangolis put outside the homes which not only make the surroundings beautiful, but also give a feeling of warmth while entering the home. Fresh fragrances of flowers and incense sticks keep the mind, body and soul pure and light hearted, and this quality is very dear to Bhagawathi Lakshmi.
Respecting women – Bhagawathi Lakshmi is a representation of woman power. She likes to reside in a place where women are treated with respect and honour and are duly acknowledged for their role in home making and building the identity of the family.
Calm and soothing voices – Being loud and shouting and making heavy noises are not the ways of attracting people, positivity nor the Almighty. This not only leads to sound pollution, but also creates health disturbances. Our Sanatana Dharma always preached the importance of meditation and awakening the strength from within, and such calm and soothing chants please Bhagawathi Lakshmi.

Respect for Gau Mata and Tulasi – The sacred cow is given the status of a mother in our Sanatana Dharma and where Gau Mata is worshipped, wealth and prosperity comes into life. By worshipping the sacred Tulasi plant, one respects nature and its resources and also pleases Bhagawathi Lakshmi. Where these two sacred beings are worshipped, Bhagawathi Lakshmi fills in life with goodness and riches.
Bhagwathi Lakshmi resides in a place where there is warmth of love, share and care and harmony of being together. Simple habits of life when inculcated bring in great treasures of life.