Marich fears Shri Ram

An arrow hit by a young Shri Ram of twelve years hurled the demon over the sea and he directly fell from Rishi Vishwamitr’s ashram to Lanka. Such was the power of Shri Ram when he saved Rishi Vishwamitr’s Yagn from the disruptive activities of Marich and Subahu.


Marich was the son of the Sunda and Tadaka. He was the elder brother of Subahu. In reality, all of them belonged to a Yaksha family of good virtues and had a life of pleasures. But, once in intoxication, Sunda destroyed Rishi Agastya’s ashram. The angry sage turns him into ashes. Furious, Tadaka attacks Rishi Agastya along with her two sons. Rishi Agastya curses them to become into demons. Tadaka comes to Lanka seeking shelter. Ravan gives them protection and asks them to win over the twin cities of Malad and Karush situated on the confluence of Rivers Ganga and Sarayu. Tadaka with the strength of thousand elephants destroys the cities and they become dense forests. Since then, the trio terrorised travellers passing through and disturbing the sacred rites of the sages.

Rishi Vishwamitr agitated by these activities calls upon Shri Ram. Firstly, Shri Ram kills Tadaka and liberates her from the curse. Then he kills Subahu and the other rakshasas who attempt to disturb the Yagna. Marich gets hurled over the ocean with Shri Ram’s powerful arrow and falls in Lanka. Since then, Marich understands Shri Ram’s power and stays away from him

After this encounter, Marich devotes his life to meditation. However, things change for him the day Ravan approaches him. Instigated by Shurpanakha to abduct Mata Sita, Ravan approaches Marich. Ravan knew that he could not win over Shri Ram through a direct battle and hence he resorts to deceit. He asks Marich to turn into a golden deer and attract Mata Sita so that he could abduct her when the brothers go in search of the deer.

Marich trembles at the name of Shri Ram. As he is a well-wisher of Ravan, he gives him the advice of leaving the thought of abducting Mata Sita. He mentions that enemity with Shri Ram would do him no good to him or his clan. Marich says that whoever has given him this advice does not wish for the welfare of Lanka, but its destruction.

Marich also mentions the virtues of Shri Ram as a person who always the follows the path of Dharma. He also warns Ravan about Shri Ram’a vow of making the Dandak forest free of demons and how the sages are directing him to do so. Marich finally says, for him, the fear of Shri Ram is so great that he shivers even at the sound of Ra, even though the sound refers to something else.


But, Ravan does not like any of his words. He threatens Marich that he would kill him if the order was not obeyed. Marich then realises that Ravan is upto his own doom. Also, understanding that his own life was nearing to an end, Marich says that he would rather die in the hands of Shri Ram rather than Ravan. He sets out with Ravan on the dreadful mission of separating Mata Sita and Shri Ram.

Marich was used as a pawn by Ravan in his evil plan. Although Marich tried to reform himself, he had to be on the side of Ravan, and it lead to his end. Not only being good as an individual, it is always important to stay away from evil people too, lest it leads to downfall.