Miracles Shri Ram achieved as a Man

The greatest positive thought for anyone to move ahead in the challenges of life is nothing is impossible. The greatest inspiration for this thought is none other than Shri Ram, as he gave mankind the belief that to do something great, one need not have divine powers nor need to do miracles but as a human , belief in self and be good and righteous to all.


Slay the demons at a very young age – When Shri Ram encountered Tadaka, Marich and Subahu, he was a young prince still not even finished his teens. Yet, he keeps up the belief of Rishi Vishwamitr on him. He terrifies Marich with such a blow that the demon transforms leaving his evil deeds for the fear of Shri Ram. Today, we have many unseen demons we fight in life in shape of stress, strain, peer pressure, competition which try to push negativity into our lives. But, when one stands righteous and firm in his belief, there is immense power derived to fight these unseen demons of life.

Break the Shiv Dhanush – There was the Shiv Dhanush between the fulfilment of the love of Shri Ram and Mata Sita. None of the great kings were able to lift it, and instead mocked Shri Ram. But Shri Ram displayed prowess by not only lifting it, but breaking the bow and stating his immense strength to the world. Shri Ram shows that the winner is the one who focusses on the goal and does not succumb to the discouragement of jealous and haughty people. When man dares to fight the challenges which are like the Shiv Dhanush, with confidence, victory comes for sure.

Subdue Bali –Taking advantage of his boon, Bali took away all the strength of his opponent thus making himself powerful. Hence, Shri Ram tackles him in the right way by shooting an arrow from the side. When Bali rebukes Shri Ram for being untruthful, Shri Ram makes him understand his mistakes and why he had to punish Bali. The mighty warrior bows down his life at the feet of Shri Ram for his justified actions and also guides Angad to render service to Shri Ram in a truthful way. It is often seen that we face disagreements from people in life, but if one stands for truth, then sooner or later, everybody understands the importance of the same and support, just as Shri Ram got the entire support of Kishkinda in the quest of Mata Sita.

Building the Ram Setu – Anything looks impossible only till it is not tried. Without any divine powers, or the help from the celestials Shri Ram bridges the waters of a mighty Ocean with the help of his Vanar army whose implements were only rocks and trees. This is the strength of Dharma which Shri Ram displays. If challenges and problems of life are like the mighty Ocean, then one needs to have the determination like the Vanaras, and faith in Shri Ram to overcome them.

Just being born as a human was the condition enough to suffice Ravan and there was no need for Shri Ram to go through the troubles he went through in his life. But, the purpose was even greater that Shri Ram wanted to impart a lesson that man undergoes many twists of destiny, and it is only the faith in Dharma that helps face them and one can achieve it being a good human, and there is no need of any miracles and powers.