Names loved by Bhagwan Ram

The benevolence of Bhagwan Ram towards his dear ones is unlimited. He goes to any length to save them, protect them and bless them. He adds their names to his, so that they are remembered along with him always. There are some of his favourite names which he possesses as a mark of his love towards them.
Ram Chandr and Ram Bhadr – his love towards his sevakImageSource

Little Ramji loved playing in the moonlight with his brothers. Once, it was a full moon night and he sees the moon shining bright like a white ball. He likes it so much that he wants it as a toy to play with. He starts crying for it. Nobody can bear to see him crying and all try to persuade him to play with many other toys, but Ramji wouldn’t budge. He just wants the moon and nothing else. All are worried to see him crying, but nobody can find a solution.
Little Ramji’s caretaker Bhadr is watching all this and suddenly an idea strikes him. He goes and fetches a mirror and puts it in a way that the reflection of the moon is seen in the mirror. He carries Ramji in his arms and shows the moon in the mirror. Ramji stops crying and starts clapping his hands with joy to see the moon so close near him. Then Ramji sees himself in the mirror along with the moon and says in his sweet voice, Ram Chandr. Maharaj Dasaratha and all are elated seeing this wonderful scene and since then Ramji is also known as Ram Chandr.
After his wish being fulfilled, Ramji hugs Bhadr with happiness and then says, Ram Bhadr. Maharaj Dasarath seeing this becomes very pleased with Bhadr and says that his darling son will also be called as Ram Bhadr, then onwards. Such is the love of Bhagwan Ram towards his people who serve him with utmost love and devotion.
Janakinath – his love towards his beloved

Bhagwan Ram has the task of breaking the Shiv dhanush, only then can he marry princess Sita, with whom he falls in love at the first sight. Although a valiant warrior, he is the humble student of Rishi Viswhamitr and he waits for his guru to give him the command of breaking the bow. He waits very patiently, while Princess Sita grows impatient as to when that moment of success will come and when Ramji will take her hand into his. Ramji waits for his Guru’s order, and only when the guru gives him the command, that he goes and breaks the mighty bow as if not to loose a moment in relieving Sita’s tension. Being utmost pleased with Sita’s devotion and love towards him, he calls himself Janakinath, the beloved of Sita and thus shows his unending love for her.
Daasarathi – his love towards his parents

Bhagwan Vishnu himself chose Maharaj Dasarath to be his father. In his incarnation as Bhagwan Ram, he loves his father so dearly that he becomes ready to go to exile leaving all the riches and comforts of a king to keep up the word of his father.

Such is his love and respect for his father and his obedience towards elders. Although the almighty himself and having innumerable names, he always loved to be prefixed by his father‘s name while being addressed, and thus gained the name Daasarathi. Each name shows a beautiful virtue of Bhagwan Ram and each name teaches us a beautiful lesson to remember for a love filled life.