None can escape the consequence of lying, be it the creator himself

To lie is to err for a lifetime. One lie leads to other, the other to another and this will continue until it is accepted as a lie. It is very easy to lie, but to bear the consequences of a lie is the most difficult task. Hence, lying is considered as the most dangerous habit leading to downfall. Not only to humans, but even the Gods are no exceptions to be safe from the virtue. The story of Brahma Ji is a perfect example to understand how strong the consequences of lying might be, and how this habit should be kept as far as possible.


Once upon a time, the creator Brahma Ji had five heads instead of four. Once a quarrel aroused between Bhagwan Vishnu and Brahma Ji as to who was greater. While Brahma Ji claimed that he was the creator of the Universe, Bhagwan Vishnu asserted that he was the protector of the Universe and Brahma Ji himself was born out of his navel. Unable to come to a conclusion, they approached Bhagwan Shiv for a solution. Bhagwan Shiv took the form of Shivling and said the one who could first find the bottom or the top of it would be declared the winner. Bhagwan Vishnu took the form of a Varaha (boar) and starting digging the ground to find the bottom of the Shiv Ling. Brahma Ji set out to find the top of the Shivling on his swan.

The search continued for a long time. After digging relentlessly, Bhagwan Vishnu realised that it was impossible to search the depth of Bhagwan Shiv, comes back and humbly accepts his defeat. Just as Bhagwan Vishnu, Braham Ji too gets tired, but his ego doesn’t let him accept defeat. He decides to fake his victory and searches of a false witness. He finds a Mugli flower and demands it to support him in his false statement that he could reach the top of the Shivling.
The Mugli flower agrees and both return back to Bhagwan Shiv. Brahma Ji mentions that he had seen the top of the Shivling and the Mugli flower was the witness to the same. Bhagwan Vishnu not knowing the falsity, behind this accepts his defeat in front of Brahma Ji. But Bhagwan Shiv gets furious that Brahma Ji had resorted to lies to win the competition and not kept up the honour as the creator of the Universe. In anger, Bhagwan Shiv snaps away the fifth head of Brahma Ji. As a punishment, Bhagwan Shiv curses Brahma Ji that he would lose the privilege of worship and there would be no temples in his name as none could worship a God who himself spoke lies. Bhagwan Shiv then curses the Mugli flower that it would not be used in any worship to any God for supporting Brahma Ji in his deceit. Hence, the Mugli flower is not be offered as part of worship in any auspicious ritual.

Realising the consequences of his lie, Brahma Ji repents for his mistake and asks for the forgiveness of Bhagwan Shiv. Then Bhagwan Shiv takes pity on him and says that there would be only one temple in Pushkar (Rajasthan) where he would be worshipped. A single lie cost Braham ji his identity as a god, and the Mugli flower to lose its identity as a flower suited for worship. The burden of a lie is heavy and hence one should avoid carrying it.