Pitreshwar Hanuman Dham Indore: 72 feet Hanuman statue has Ram naam written 108 times

Pitreshwar Hanuman Temple located on Pitra Parvat, Indore is among the most popular Lord Hanuman idols in India and it is around 72 feet tall. This is the tallest statue in Madhya Pradesh which was constructed by a group of artists from Gwalior.

The weight of this beautiful Lord Hanuman idol is around 108 tons and it took more than seven years to completely build this mesmerizing statue. An interesting fact about this idol is that 18 feet high “Chhatra” on the head of Lord Hanuman has Ram Naam Mantra written 108 times.

इंदौर के पितृ पर्वत पर भगवान हनुमान जी की 108 फीट ऊँची ये विशालकाय प्रतिमा स्थापित है ।आप भी दर्शन करके पुण्य लाभ अर्जित करें।जय श्री सीता राम जीजय श्री हनुमान जी..🚩

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The Gada of Lord Hanuman is 45 feet long and the “chabutara” that holds the statue is around 14 feet long. This is the first-ever statue of Lord Hanuman constructed in sitting position.

You will be surprised to know that this statue was brought from Gwalior to Indore in 264 parts, and later it was assembled in the Pitra Parvat area of Indore, Madhya Pradesh. According to reports, it took around 2 years to assemble all the parts of this giant Lord Hanuman idol.

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This place also has the facility of a laser show in the evening which explains Hanuman Chalisa and Ramayan in 20-minutes. As per the reports, the 99-carat acrylic gold color was used to coat this huge statue.