Practise makes a man perfect denoted Arjun, the Pandav

It was the time when Guru Dronacharya was training the young princes of Hastinapur under his tutelage. Unlike today be it a prince or a pauper, the students had to undergo education in the Gurkul Ashram wherein they led a simple life away and getting acquainted with the various ways of life.


Arjun, who was the middle among the Pandavas used all his time in the day in tuning to perfection in stringing the bow and the arrow. Guru Drona already had a great vision of him that he would become the greatest archer of all times, and was training Arjun to become one in the same way. Arjun was a humble, dutiful and a dedicated student who was willing to listen to whatever his guru says and their bond was very special.

One day Arjun comes to have his meal in the evening after a long day of practice. By the time he has reached the kitchen of the Gurukul ashram, it was late night and the rest of the princes had already finished dinner and retired to their respective rooms for sleep. But Arjun finds Bheem still in the kitchen searching for food. Known for his love for food and hunger, Arjun playfully starts engaging his elder brother’s love for food while he searches for food. Finally, they get something to eat and both sit down to have their meal.

Suddenly a whiff of wind comes and blows the oil lamp away and the kitchen becomes dark. Arjun starts to search for another lamp, but is surprised to see Bheem unbothered by the darkness and feasting on his meal. Arjun teasingly asks Bheem that how is he able to eat in such darkness, for which Bheem replies that to do somwthing which is the most favourite thing of all, the mind and body tune and habituate into that practise to do it perfectly irrespective of light or darkness.

This reply from Bheem puts Arjun into deep thought. He immediately goes out of the kitchen, grabs his bow and arrow and go to the practice field and starts practising shooting arrows in the dark.  Guru Drona who is in deep sleep gets disturbed by the noise of the bow twang and wonders as to who is doing this sound in the middle of the night. He goes out in the direction of the sound and is surprised to see Arjun practicing his archery.

Guru Drona is surprised to see Arjun practising in the middle of the might instead of sleeping and approaches him. On seeing him Arjun bows to him. Guru Drona asks him that in the dark night when nothing is visible, why he is practising archery in the dark. Arjun humbly replies that when the body is accustomed to eat and sleep in the darkness, then why not it can be accustomed to practise archery and hence he is utilising the night time too, to make himself more perfect in archery.


Guru Drona is mighty pleased with this answer and the vision of his dear student. Arjun in this small incident gives out a big message, that when one has focus, determination and the will to practise, such student uses all his resources and time available to reach that goal and will definitely be successful in achieving dreams and ambitions on which he or she sets out.