Qualities of Friendship honoured by Shri Ram

A bond that is dear to all in all times, in all ages and in all situations is friendship. It is only in friendship that one can be free from all hesitations and demands of life without any norms. Friendship has no conditions, but only qualities. These qualities were beautifully defined by Shri Ram while making friends which created everlasting impressions of this pure bonding forever on mankind.


Shri Ram and Nishad Raj – Equality

The society is divided on the base of high and low, rich and poor, king and servant. But for Shri Ram, there were no divisions of such and it was only equality for all and he affirms this with his friendship with Nishad Raj Guh. There is no division of hierarchy and Shri Ram has only love and affection for his childhood friend. He starts his exile time with the hospitality of Nishad Raj and accepts the fruits and tubers and the simple bed of leaves offered by the tribal king. Nishad Raj has no riches to offer, but only simple love and pure devotion for his friend. All highs and lows of the society vanish in their friendship and what is reflected is only a pure bond of care and love for each other.
Shri Ram and Sugriv – Selflessness

When Shri Ram and Sugriv meet for the first time, both of them had similar and adverse conditions. Both were separated from their wives and kingdom and were leading a secluded life in the forest. Yet, Shri Ram comes ahead to remove the misery of Sugriv’s life and put his need to search for Mata Sita aside till peace is restored in Sugriv’s life. Shri Ram sets an ideal that friendship is not done on conditions of mutual benefits, but with the desire to help the friend in distress. Shri Ram demonstrates that no need is greater than that of a friend and true friendship always answers to it.
Shri Ram and Vibhishan – Trust

It often happens that we go to new places and meet new people, however how close they become to us lays the matters of trust. Shri Ram starts his war expedition to Lanka and he knows nothing of that place or people. On the above, Vibhishan, the brother of the enemy comes to seek refuge and all of the Vanar warriors and Lakshman wonder whether he is worth it or not. But Shri Ram trusts Vibhishan unconditionally and befriends the noble one. He does not see Vibhishan as a refugee, but as a friend and gives him all the honour by promising him the throne of Lanka. Vibhishan is overwhelmed with this trust placed on him and he does all his duty in helping Shri Ram win the war and help Shri Ram in upholding his Dharma.
The Almighty choses the bonds of family and sets our destiny. However he leaves the choice of friendship to us. This is because the choices we take would define our life and in what way would it go. With his pure friendship, Shri Ram sets ideals which help mankind make

the right choice of people who would be a part of our lives in both times of happiness and sorrow alike and stay as our strongest support.