Ramayan imparts the balance of family in good and bad vibes

A family consists of people with different natures and perspectives of life and there is good and bad in all. However, when the overall motive of the family is the well-being of them and others, then the small negative shades get covered and transformed into the greater good. When we look into Ramayan, it teaches us how good is to be kept close to heart and bad away from our homes.


Right from the being favourite of Maharaj Dasarath , Queen Kaikeyi had all the attention of the royal household. She adored Shri Ram more than her Bharat and Shri Ram too reciprocated in the same way. Queen Kaushalya too, never came in way of her love for Shri Ram. But when Manthara fills her heart and thoughts with selfish motives, her mind changes and she turns into a negative shade. However, Shri Ram, Queen Kaushalya and Sumitra without going against her take all happenings as their responsibility and go ahead with their duty. It is only when Bharat makes her realise the outcome of her doings that she changes. Kaikeyi’s actions teach us that it is never good to involve somebody outside the family into personal and important affairs, lest their selfish motives turn out to be dangerous to the family.

In the same family, there is Mata Sita who gets ready to bear the difficult life of the forest along with Shri Ram as her duty. She does not go to Mithila, nor stays back in Ayodhya but prefers to share the joys and sorrows of Shri Ram alongside him. Along with her, her younger sisters too take up the responsibility of setting things right in the family through their care and affection. Instead of fighting for their rights, they simply abide to time and situations and hold the family. Thus in the family of Shri Ram, the good shades dominated the bad as all of them had a control over their egos and senses and were successful in fighting the bad thoughts. They teach us what to do in being an inspiration for a united family in thoughts and deeds.


In the family of Ravan, Shurpankha starts the feud of Shri Ram and Ravan. When her lust for Shri Ram leads Lakshman to punish her, instead of learning a lesson, she decides to avenge it. Although knowing that her actions were not justified, she with foolishness leads not only her brothers Khar and Dushan to their death, but also instigates the ego of Ravan. Thus her negativity rises to such heights that the whole Lanka succumbs to her actions. Vibhishan with a good and a wise heart makes all attempts to convince Ravan to change his course of actions and deeds, but the ego and pride of Ravan becomes unbearable for him. Mandodari tries her best, but she fails too. Thus, the negative feelings gave way to the destruction of Lanka in spite of the efforts of Vibhishan and Mandodari.

Ravan’s family teaches us what not to do and how if one cannot have control over his ego and senses, even a small instigation by a lustful woman can lead to destruction of the whole family. Ramayan teaches us this balance of good and bad and how can we avoid the negative shades of life as much as we can, and keep our life positive and better and this important step starts in the family.