Ramayan teaches Management lessons

Ramayan is just not a story of Hindu Mythology, but a lesson applicable to all the facets of a society. It is no surprise that Shri Ram is a perfect fit for today’s management world. In each and every phase of his life, he teaches a management lesson.ImageSource

Relinquish comfort zones

When Shri Ram had to leave for the exile, he prepared himself, Sita and Lakshman to forgo their comfort zones for the tough life in the forest. A good leader is always ready to come out of the comfort zone and work with his team.


Bhagwan Ram never saw any difference between the high and low in the society. Be it Nishadraj or the aristocrats of his kingdom, he treated all with affection and equality, thus gaining the loyalty of all.

Governance continuity

In Chitrakut, Shir Ram convinces Bharat that a kingdom should not be left idle and helps him gain focus on the duty of the subjects, rather than sitting dejected at the turn of events. He ensures that there is continuity of governance in spite of the whole family getting scattered, which is a quality of a good leader.

Not losing calm in crisis

Nothing could stop the abduction of Mata Sita. The inevitable has happened. Shri Ram, although stuck with grief, yet manages to get hold himself back and starts his search for Mata Sita. He never loses courage and hope and searches forest to forest and step by step finally finds the whereabouts of Mata Sita. He demonstrates never to lose cool and fight back the situation, and hence he emerges the ultimate winner.

Clarity in vision

Shri Ram had only one aim, to find Mata Sita and rescue her. He never set aside his goal, although the wait was long. This inspired the Vaanars also to focus on their goal of finding Mata Sita. Initially, although her whereabouts are nowhere to be found, they go with only one vision of searching Mata Sita and the path starts appearing slowly, in the form of Swayamprabha and then later Sampati. When there is focus on the goal, things start falling in place is what a clear vision teachesImageSource

Team Motivation

When Sampati tells them Mata Sita’s whereabouts, Angad, Jambavant and rest all motivate Hanuman to cross the ocean and find her. They all motivate him and unleash his power which was lying hidden inside him. They teach that proper motivation works very positively and brings out amazing results.


When Vibhishan asks for refugee, Shri Ram first listens to the counsel of all his members, and then while respecting their advice, convinces them in making an alliance with the enemy‘s brother. He politely convinces them to believe in Vibhishan and thus also earning the loyalty of Vibhishan for eternity.

Confidence building

Shri Ram never loses confidence in his team, even when he has no idea how to cross the mighty ocean, Later, he motivates them to build the bridge, reach Lanka and finally defeat Ravan. In each and every step, he always encourages his army to fight with the demons who resort to tricks and sorcery, and win over them with will power and belief in themselves. This is an important quality of a leader that he never loses faith in his team and instils confidence in them.ImageSource

Ramayan gives us vital lessons of management of leadership, team building and governance, which are much needed in today’s times. It is just not an age old mythology, but an eternal classic with plentiful corporate lessons.