Ramayan teaches the importance of individual Dharma

The strength of a building stands in each and every brick used for the purpose of constructing it. Even if one brick is loose, the whole building collapses. The same can be attributed to Dharma, which stands on every individual’s responsibility in following it. Dharma works for the good of the society only when all take responsibility to follow it as their individual duty. Dharma is not just confined to a leader of the team or head of a family or a society, but it is the duty of the entire team, entire family and the entire society to follow it and see that it is not hindered. Ramayan is the reflection of this important truth where not only Shri Ram, but each and every one working towards his mission follow their individual Dharma and contribute to the elimination of the evil and the prevalence of good.


While Shri Ram adheres to his Dharma and leaves to the forest for upholding his father’s word and Queen Kaikeyi’s wish, in the same family is Bharat who fights for Dharma in a different perspective. For Bharat, his Dharma was to give back Shri Ram his rightful inheritance and seek forgiveness for his mother’s deeds. It was the toughest decision for Bharat to stay away from Shri Ram for fourteen years, yet he does it for the sake of Shri Ram and Dharma, proving that Dharma is above all bonds and it is the one which in fact keep the bonds together.

Lakshman follows his Dharma by accompanying Shri Ram to the forest. Being the shadow of Shri Ram, Lakshman believed in being with his brother during difficult times, and he sacrifices his personal comforts for that. He put Urmila in the service of the Queen mothers and thus, both put away their personal life behind till things became alright. Lakshman and Urmila’s Dharma was to support their family during turbulent times which made the family remain united in the most tough times.

Mata Sita duly followed her Dharma as the faithful wife who accompanied her husband in times of both happiness and sorrow. Although exile was not for her and she had a choice of staying back in Ayodhya or going to back to her father Maharaj Janka, she chose none. Instead, she chose to go with Shri Ram to the forest and support him in difficult times. With not a single complaint of loosing the comforts in which she grew, she moves ahead with Shri Ram. She follows the same Dharma even when captive in Lanka. Not for a single second does she leave the thoughts of Shri Ram and keeps him in heart and mind and bears all the hardships of Ravam. She respects her husband’s honour and refuses to come away with Hanuman and patiently waits for Shri Ram to kill Ravan and regain back her honour. Mata Sita is an example that Dharma can be so string that a terrifying demon can be nothing but a blade of grass in front of it.

If it was not for everyone in Ramayan to follow their individual duty, the whole mission of Shri Ram killing Ravan would not have taken place and the world would have suffered. Although it was tough, all stood by their Dharma, which made the fight of Dharma win over the evil forces.