Ramayan teaches the Karma lesson

Everything happens for a reason. The virtuous person believes in that and lets karma do its work. However, when we face it in the honest way, we emerge victorious. The same lesson is taught to us in Ramayan. Shri Ram’s and Mata Sita’s lives are apt examples which substantiate this fact.


Kaikeyi‘s boons

While the people of Ayodhya were rejoicing the announcement of Ramji’s coronation, the Devatas were worried. If Ramji becomes king, then Ravan Vadh was impossible, as Ramji would devote himself to the people of Ayodhya. Hence, they requested Bhagawati Saraswathi to vest onto Manthara‘s tongue and provoke Queen Kaikeyi to send Ramji to exile. Bhagawati Saraswathi does the same, and Kaikeyi provoked by Manthara, asks Maharaj Dasarath to send Shri Ram to exile.

Although Kaikeyi bears the stigma of being the culprit by creating trouble for Shri Ram, this incident had to happen for Shri Ram to come to the forest and save the sages of Dandaka forest, from the atrocities of the demons. But, Shri Ram treats his mother Kaikeyi in the same way as before in spite of the hardships, thus signifying that it is all in the hands of destiny and the bonds between family members do not change on account of hardships of destiny.
Mata Sita asking for the Golden deer and Shri Ram going for it

Life was peaceful at Panchavati, till Shurpanakha came along, and it changed completely after that. After Lakshman cuts of her nose and ears and Shri Ram kills the demons Khar and Dushan, Ravan gets enraged and sends Maricha as the golden deer. When the golden deer prances in front of Mata Sita, she asks Shri Ram to catch it for her. Shri Ram goes after it. Mata Sita in her incarnation as Vedavathi, curses Raavan that she will be the cause of death of the latter.


Hence, she connects the events which lead to her abduction by Ravan. Shri Ram on the other side needs a reason to attack Lanka, as it is not right on part of a Kshatriya to attack a kingdom for no reason. Hence, when Mata Sita asks for the golden deer, he goes after it, even though knowing that this incident will separate him from Mata Sita. He bears all pain silently for the greater good of killing Ravan and establishment of dharma.
Bhagwan Ram and Mata Sita getting separated after the coronation

Not only killing Raavan, Shri Ram s incarnation purpose is to fulfil the ideal of a righteous ruler and establish values needed for a king to fulfil his dharma as a king. Hence, he takes the hardest decision of his life to send Mata Sita to exile, when he faces the blasphemy of Ayodhya’s citizens, as he is a king first and a husband later.

Also, as Bhagwan Vishnu he needs to assent the curse given to him by Bhrigu Maharshi that he suffers separation from his wife. Hence, he takes all the pain of separation. Mata Sita as an ideal wife accepts his decision and takes the responsibility of bringing up their sons, Luv and Kush as great warriors and noble persons just like their father. Thus, both forsake their personal happiness again, for the greater good of the welfare of the kingdom


The lives of Shri Ram and Mata Sita teach us that one needs to accept karma and accept it as it comes. Only then, can the greater good of self and the society is possible. Then only the world can be called a Ram Rajya.