Ravan and his under shadowed Skills

Every individual has both good and bad sides of his personality. The important thing is what dominates. In some, if good dominates, in some, Bad behaviour rules. In Ramayan both the aspects are depicted beautifully throughout the characters of Shri Ram and Ravan. Both were warriors born for a reason and equipped with great skill. But what made Ravan loose to Shri Ram was his pride. If it was not for the ego and arrogance, there were many skills and knowledge Ravan had.



A duty gone wrong – It was the duty of a gatekeeper of Viakunth Dhaam gone wrong, that Ravan was born. In reality Ravan was the gatekeeper of Bhagwan Vishnu. Due to the curse of the Bala Rishis, he was born as the demon. However, to relieve his gatekeeper from the curse, Bhagwan Vishnu took the incarnation of Shri Ram. The fact that Ravan was born for a reason that Shri Ram could make an outstanding mark of Dharma in the three worlds can never be denied.

Well versed in the Vedas and Sastras – Ravan belonged to the clan of the Prajapatis and he was a descendant of Brahma ji. As the son of Rishi Visravasu, Ravan had imbibed all the knowledge qualities of his father. Although a demon, he was well versed in the Vedas and Sastras and was adept in them. This knowledge made him attain boons from Brahma Ji and he gained immense power along with his knowledge.

A great devotee of Bhagwan Shiv – Ravan was a great devotee of Bhagwan Shiv. Once when he lifted Mount Kailash with his hands, Bhagwan Shiv to test Ravan pressed his hands under the base of the mountain with his big toe. Ravan was engulfed in pain, yet he did not leave his faith in Bhagwan Shiv and composed the Shiv Tandava Stotr to please Bhagwan Shiv. Bhagwan Shiv was immensely pleased with Ravan and granted him the powerful Sword Chandrahas, which made Ravan invincible.

A beautiful musician – Ravan was an accomplished Veena player. He is the one who created the Rudra Veena, inspired in the devotion of Bhagwan Shiv. Naming the musical instrument after the Rudra avatar,

Ravan enjoyed music activities while playing the veena himself and singing glories of Bhagwan Shiv.

A Good King – Ravan was a demon to the entire world, but he was a good king to his people of Lanka. Although he had enmity towards the celestials, he always loved his subjects dearly and took care of them. He was an able administrator and an efficient king who could satisfy the needs of all the people of Lanka. He was doting father and immensely loved by his sons too, who gave up their life for the pride of Ravan.

It is only when one understands the complete form of Dharma, that he can become a Poorna Gyani, as Shri Ram. Ravan too, was a Gyani as a scholar and a powerful demon. His skills were new and robust and he awed the world with them, but his pride teaches a lesson that skills are overshadowed by pride and the one who has skills should never let pride enter him.

(As a memory to the great actor Shri Arvind Trivedi Ji who made Ravan one of the most loved character of Ramayan)