Ravan meets his end

Destiny plays an important role in everybody’s life. It was Ravan’s destiny to meet his death in the hands of Shri Ram and thus he stood in front of Shri Ram for war. Dev Raj Indr sends his charioteer Matali along with his divine chariot for Shri Ram in the final battle. Shri Ram accepts it as a mark of respect and then started the greatest battle of Shri Ram and Ravan.

The battle was terrible and both released numerous powerful arrows and missiles by which the whole world started trembling. The charioteers determined to make their rider victorious rose to the sky and took various movements of circles, lines, ups and downs and faced each other with their tremendous abilities.

Shri Ram then took to his ultimate valorous form and with an arrow stretched on his great bow chopped the head of Ravan. To Shri Ram’s surprise, another head cropped up on the shoulders of Ravan. The second head was chopped too, but a third one cropped up. In this way, a hundred heads were chopped by Shri Ram. Then Shri Ram wondered as to what was the reason that his arrows were failing. But even in his disturbed thoughts, Shri Ram never lost courage and went on fighting as a great warrior. None took a respite or rest, and the battle went on continuously for seven days in this way.

Realising the time set by Brahma Ji for Ravan’s death had come near, Matali requests Shri Ram to discharge the powerful Brahmastr which was given by Rishi Agastya to Shri Ram. The powerful arrow was made by Brahma itself and was bestowed to Bhagwan Vishnu to preserve the three worlds.

As advised by Matali, Shri Ram then took the crescent shaped arrow which was a combination of the fire and the sun. It was made out of gold and the power of the sun and the wind. With a focussed mind, Shri Ram invoked the mantra and released it on Ravan with a great stretch of his Kodand. With a power of a thunderbolt, the arrow struck Ravan’s chest and took away the very life of Ravan. The demon who was feared by the three worlds fell down on earth from his chariot dead and lifeless.

Seeing their king fall down, the demons rushed into Lanka with full of panic and grief. The monkeys shouted roars of joy and happiness with a surge of happiness as if they conquered the whole earth with Shri Ram’s victory in battle.
The skies and earth which were covered with dense clouds and smoky dust slowly cleared up with the shining sun and gentle breeze. The celestials and the Rishis with great happiness showered flowers on Shri Ram and praised his victory endlessly. Shri Ram came down and with great delight met his accomplices Lakshman, Sugriv, Hanuman and Vibhishan who paid their due respects to Shri Ram with great reverence and praise.

The three worlds celebrated the killing of Ravan and finally peace was restored in the world. Shri Ram, the one endowed with great qualities, the one who was steadfast in his tasks of dharma, the one who enchanted every living being with his presence shone with great splendour and radiance giving great delight to one and all. Meanwhile, the soul of Ravan slowly departed from his body and got unified with Shri Ram, who was an incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu. The gatekeeper was relieved from his curse.