Ravan’s pillar of strength falls

The great war of Lanka reaches a climax. With only father and son left to fight for Lanka, Ravan sends his mighty son Indrajeet. Understanding that it is not easy to defeat Shri Ram and Lakshman, Indrajeet gets ready to perform the sacred Yagn for the diety, Nikumbhila, through which he would obtain the divine chariot as per the boon given by Brahma Ji.



Indrajeet creates an illusory Mata Sita and gets her in the chariot into the battlefield and draws the attention of the Vanar army. To disturb them, Indrajeet beheads the illusory Mata Sita in front of them and proceeds for his Yagn, as he knows that none of the Vanar warriors would disturb him sunken in grief of Mata Sita. Listening to this news, Shri Ram faints in the lap of Lakshman. However, things do not go as planned for Indrajeet. Vibhishan comes and recovers Shri Ram through soothing words that Mata Sita is indeed alive and the whole plot is a conjuring trick played by Indrajeet not to be disturbed in his Yagn. Listening to this, Shri Ram regains his courage and as per the advice given by Vibhishan, immediately orders Lakshman to go with Vibhishan, Angad and Hanuman, disturb the Yagn and kill Indrajeet.

With Vibhishan leading the way to the sacrificial spot, Lakshman and the other warriors arrive and a fight starts among the demons and the monkeys. Indrajeet concentrates hard, but gets disturbed by all the Vanar army creating great chaos. The Vanars finally succeed in compelling Indrajeet to get up from the sacrifice without finishing it.

Indrajeet rages with anger, but proceeds to the battlefield understanding that his plan has failed. He is confronted by Lakshman and both start fighting a mighty war. The fight was between the foremost among men and demons and who were destined to fight each other.
Indrajeet pierces Lakshman with his arrows being invisible, but Lakshman does not step back and counters all his arrows. The fight continues without break for three days and three nights. Indrajeet discharges the greatest arrows of weaponry, the Brahmastr,

Vaishnavastr and the Pashupataastr on Lakshman as his last resort. However, none harm Lakshman as he respects their greatness and bows to them, instead of countering them. Indrajeet is aghast by this and understands that Lakshman is no normal warrior but a divinity in the form of a human. Lakshman then takes an arrow and with a vow and prayer of Shri Ram, shoots it on Indrajeet. With great speed, the arrow goes and chops the head of Indrajeet and he falls down dead in the battlefield. All the Vanar army applaud Lakshman for killing one of the greatest warrior of Lanka and shower praise on him. The celestials rain a shower of flowers on Lakshman.

Lakshman comes to Shri Ram with great happiness. Shri Ram embraces his younger brother and tells him that he is indeed gratified with this act of Lakshman and they are in their last step of winning the war. The war of Lakshman and Indrajeet teaches the greatest lesson that in spite of Lakshman getting wounded two times in the hands of Indrajeet but does not lose courage or belief in himself. He stands firm on the confidence that he is going to conquer Indrajeet and in the end does so. It is a simple saying, but has lot of importance that, try and try till you succeed and never loose belief in self.