Ravan’s pride lost to a woman’s will power

For a leader, gaining power and being the strongest is not enough. Being respectful, humble and honouring others especially women is equally important to gain a place in everybody’s hearts as a leader. Woman is given the status of a Goddess in our Sanatana Dharma. The one who does not respect women and is blinded with pride does not understand what mistakes he commits. One such mistake proved very costly to the ruler of the three worlds Ravan who in spite of being a leader humiliated a woman and had to pay with his own life.
In the mission to eliminate Ravan, Bhagwan Vishnu along with the celestials, assigns Bhagwathi Lakshmi also a role to play and that was of being born as Vedavathi. Bhagawathi Lakshmi hence was born in the ashram of Kushadhwaja, son of Rishi Brihaspati. As she was born at the auspicious time of chanting the Vedas, she was named Vedavathi. Since then, she devoted herself to the penance of Bhagwan Vishnu seeking him as husband.
One day Ravan while roaming in his Pushpak sees Vedavathi engrossed in penance and gets captivated by her immense beauty. He proposes to her but Vedavathi refuses it. Enraged, Ravan drags her with her hair and tries to abduct her forcefully. But Vedavathi becomes furious and cuts off her hair. Feeling impure with the touch of Ravan, Vedavathi prepares a fire and before entering it curses Ravan that she would be the reason for the doom of Ravan and his entire clan. To start with, she says that she would start with taking birth in Lanka itself.
Blinded with power and pride, Ravan forgets about this incident, but destiny does not. Once while Ravan was taking a siesta in his garden, he notices a golden lotus in the pond and to his surprise sees a small girl child in the lotus. He calls for his Guru Sukracharya and asks about this strange incident. With his foresight, Guru Sukracharya realises that the child is none other than Vedavathi and asks Ravan to immediately send her away from Lanka. Remembering the curse, Ravan orders Vibhishan to kill the child immediately.
As a virtuous person, Vibhishan does not get the heart to kill the little girl. On the shores of the Ocean, He prays to Samudra Dev to safeguard her, thus playing his role in saving the child. The king of Oceans happily agrees and in turn gives the child to Mother Earth requesting her to the needy action required for the young child to reach the right place.
Realising her duty to fulfil the responsibility in the great mission, Mother Earth puts the child in front of the plough which Maharaj Janak was using during the course of a sacred Yagna. When the plough stops with something obstructing it, Maharaj Janak dugs and is immensely surprised and happy to find a small girl in it. Taking it to be divine task of raising the child, he owns her as his daughter and names her Sita. Princess Sita marries Shri Ram and later during the exile time is abducted by Ravan and further become the very reason for Ravan and his entire clan in meeting their end in the hands of Shri Ram. Indeed, she makes it true that when one does not have respect or honour for women and boasts of his own strength, then the strength becomes the reason for his downfall.