Real courage lies in choosing truth over power and riches – a beautiful lesson by Bharat

Truth is the one factor which is eternal and stands tough in all times of destiny. Yet, bound by the illusions of Maya, it tests mankind in various ways. But, the intention is not to put man into trouble, but teach and test his integrity in choosing what is right and rejecting what is wrong. The tests of truth are tough, but the result is always cherished by the entire mankind as an ideal to follow. Just as the grass is green on the other side, while the path of conceit or greed looks easy and bright, the result is downfall, whereas in the walk of truth, the path is difficult, but the result is success. While Shri Ram stood as the epitome of this great virtue, Bharat was the one who was his perfect image in choosing truth over power given to him.


The individuality of Bharat is special in the way where it is not loud, but is pure and his mind was always was devoted to Shri Ram. Shri Ram understood all the inner love of Bharat and was always affectionate towards him. When affections in relation are put to test, the righteous ones blooms like a lotus in the pond of mud. When Queen Kaikeyi demanded Bharat to be the king and Shri Ram to be sent to exile, Shri Ram does not bear a grudge for the injustice to him, but happily sacrifices the kingdom for Bharat and leaves for exile. But, when Bharat comes to know of all the situations, he makes the choice which makes him the ultimate representation of his brother in choosing the truth over the kingdom of Ayodhya.

As Bharat was offered the kingdom in full consent of his father and brother, he had none to stop him from accepting the throne along with all the power, luxury, riches and fame, but Bharat rejects all of it. He shuns his mother and her evil plan to earn the kingdom for him through deceit and greed. It is only after Bharat makes her realise that greed makes one lonely and remorseful in life, does Kaikeyi understand the result of her actions. For a son, it takes a lot to reject his own mother and surrender to a step brother for the cause of Dharma, but Bharat whole heartedly does that as a believer of truth. Instead of being lured to the inheritance to the kingdom, he gains strength from his truth to return the kingdom back to Shri Ram.

When Shri Ram refuses to return back to Ayodhya without fulfilling his father’s promise, Bharat makes the greatest sacrifice of imposing self-exile upon himself and ruling the kingdom only as the representative of Shri Ram. The sacrifice of Bharat was the choice of truth which he underwent for no fault of his. Yet, he does not leave his stand for truth and becomes an ascetic in the midst of a royal city.

The test of Dharma which Bharat underwent was the most difficult one among all the four brothers. Be it facing the blasphemy of people when they think that he too was a part of Kaikeyi’s plan or undergoing separation from his dear brother. Bharat teaches that choosing truth is the only path of which fulfils the purpose of being born as a human and the rest all are diversions to the road of downfall. The wise one chooses truth and his journey is cherished forever.