Relations are tested in times of difficulties – Shri Ram and Bharat

Man is bound to different relations right from the time born. In the passing phases of life, there are many relations who help man balance life in joys and sorrows. However, few relations continue for life, while few are like the ripples of water. The one which continue in life are the most tested but continued as a pure bond, out of which the best example is that of Bharat with Shri Ram.


Silent devotion – For Shri Ram, all his brothers were dear to him and he shared a special bond with each of them as per their individuality. While Lakshman was the heart of Shri Ram and had the privilege of always being with Shri Ram, Bharat was the brother who always attached his heart to serving the lotus feet of Shri Ram. Although he was the son of the pampered queen Kaikeyi in the palace, he never took an opportunity of that and called himself the younger brother of Shri Ram and believed in him wholly.

Takes the pain of suspicion – Life is an up and down graph wherein every bonding of a relation is tested whether it stands or breaks. If Shri Ram chose to keep up his affection on Bharat, the younger brother too did not step back on his devotion on Shri Ram. Bharat’s life took a different shape after Shri Ram went to the forest. Being the beneficiary of his mother’s plot, Bharat had to face the suspicion of all the people of Ayodhya that he too was a part of the entire plot. But Bharat does not deter and refuses the throne firmly. Bharat was tainted with the suspicion and the guilt in which he never was a part of, yet he faced it courageously that Shri Ram would never lose his affection for Bharat. He rushes to Chitrakut to convince his brother to come back and this gesture of his finally convinces the people of Ayodhya that Bharat was innocent.

A stand for Dharma – Relation is based on trust and that’s what Bharat proves. He refuses to take the throne for himself even though Shri Ram insists and gives the kingdom back to his brother. Where there are fights of inheritance rights, Bharat fights for the rights of his brother and becomes the representation of Dharma and a representative of Shri Ram to take care of the kingdom.
Bears the separation – Bharat comes back to Ayodhya disheartened, yet stands string for his brother. He gets separated from his dearest brother, yet faces the pain with a determination to fulfil his responsibilities given to him. He involves himself in the welfare of the kingdom, proving that the one who takes the pain and stands for responsibilities is the strongest one.

Lives a life of a hermit – Bharat sacrifices all his comforts, family life and the royal palace and turns himself into an ascetic. He builds himself an Ashram in Nandigram and makes his life as equal to that of Shri Ram. Shri Ram himself remembers him with pain that how could Bharat who was a delicate prince bear the hardships of being a hermit in his separation, but the devotion of Shri Ram gives all the strength to Bharat. Bharat proves that a person becomes stronger and wiser when happiness is sacrificed and responsibilities are taken up. Bharat with his sacrifices proves that when a relation is put to test, it is our duty to stand for it.