Rishi Agastya’s Aditya Hrdayam

Upholding the cause of Dharma is not an easy task. There are many hurdles and many a times, the physical and the mental energy goes low. Nevertheless, the cosmic power of the universe helps to get back and emerge victorious. Shri Ram faces many obstacles, yet the final moment of victory comes near and he gets ready for the final battle with Ravan.

All the celestials who are witnessing the battle right from the start also get ready to help Shri Ram in whatever way they can. The great revered Rishi Agastya who was witnessing all the events along with the celestials understands that he has an important task to do to help Shri Ram win over in the final frontier of war. Through his yogic power, he appears in front of Shri Ram. Shri Ram is mighty delighted to see his preceptor and worships him duly. Rishi Agastya then addresses Shri Ram and says that he would now teach Shri Ram the mantra through which he could conquer all the enemies in the battle. He asks Shri Ram to recite the Aditya Hrdayam and worship the Sun God who is also the deity of the Ikshwaku dynasty.

Agastya then duly teaches Shri Ram the sacred mantra which invokes the power of the Surya Dev. The Sun God is the one who gives light to the whole worlds and is equal to the Brahma, Shiv and Vishnu. Equal in magnitude with Indr, Kuber, Yama and Soma, he is the life of the universe which reflects through his rays. Rishi Agastya signifies the importance of Sun god by depicting him as the provider of rains, and the marker of the day and night. Riding on seven horses, he disperses darkness and infuses life in each and every being of the universe.

The Sun God is the master of all the three Vedas and it is because of him that the rains and water sources make their course on Earth making it a life planet. He has control over all the planets and sets their course in the universe. Rishi Agastya praises the son of Aditi as the one who bestows victory over the enemies and the dispeller of darkness and grief.

Rishi Agastya mentions to Shri Ram that by reciting this mantra, he would be able to kill Ravan at the very moment of war and be victorious in the battle. Thus saying, Rishi Agastya teaches the mantra and leaves the battlefield. Shri Ram recites the mantra thrice as told by his guru and gets renewed with extra ordinary energy and power. All his fatigue vanishes and he feels completely energised. With renewed energy, confidence and faith, he stands up to kill Ravan with great rejoice.

The Aditya Hrdayam is very helpful in our present living conditions. The reciting of the mantra provides us energy both physically and mentally, and improves our immunity system and also helps us think positively. The sun rays are excellent providers of Vitamin D and facing the sun in the morning hours and reciting the mantra will boost the health and immunity too. The mantras have healing powers when recited with devotion and faith. Undoubtedly, Shri Ram’s total faith in the mantra helped him gain great energy and win over his enemies.