Rishi Narad is a representation of wisdom and knowledge

Rishi Narad is the divine sage who roams all the three worlds singing glories of Bhagwan Vishnu and is a representation of wisdom and knowledge. He is famous for reciting stories of Bhagwan Vishnu on his divine veena named Mahati, and enlightening all about the devotion of Bhagwan Vishnu.


In his previous birth, Narad was a son of a maid servant who worked in a household of a brahmin. Narad grew up listening to all the stories of Bhagwan Vishnu while helping his mother in the household chores of the Brahmin. One day, Narad approaches the brahmin and asks him that where could he find Bhagwan Vishnu. The Brahmin advises that each one should seek almighty on his own. Hearing to these words, Narad goes to a dense forest and meditates on Bhagwan Vishnu for millions of years. Pleased by his penance, Bhagwan Vishnu appears in front of him and asks for a boon for which Narad seeks his devotion and nothing else. Bhagwan Vishnu then grants him to be celestial sage and sing his glories. Thus, Narad was born as the son of Brahma Ji and became a divine sage. He was granted with the divine knowledge of music to sing the stories of Bhagwan Vishnu in all the three worlds and spend his entire time in the devotion of Bhagwan Vishnu. With his divine knowledge, Rishi Narad authored a text on music named Sangita Makarand.

Bhagwan Vishnu liked the company of Rishi Narad and he was welcome in Vaikunth any time. Once, Rishi Narad requests Bhagwan Vishnu to explain about Maya (illusion) to him. Bhagwan Vishnu creates a different world and makes Rishi Narad undergo all the joys and sorrows of human life as part of marriage, children and finally death and makes him realise that one can overcome Maya by surrender in the feet of Almighty.
As he travelled all the three worlds, Rishi Narad used his knowledge to enlighten people about Bhagwan Vishnu and his greatness. When he saw any evil forces going against Dharma, he played his part in the divine lila of Bhagwan Vishnu in destroying the demons. One such incident is that when Rishi Narad gives refuge to Leelavathi, the demon Hiranyakashyap’s pregnant wife Leelavathi in his ashram, and she gives birth to Prahlad. Knowing the enmity of Hiranyakashyap towards Bhagwan Vishnu, Rishi Narad makes Prahlad a great devotee of Bhagwan Vishnu right from the time he was in his mother’s womb. This devotion of Prahlad became the greatest difference between father and son, and Hiranyakashyap bought his own doom by trying to kill Prahlad. Bhagwan Vishnu takes the incarnation of Narsimha (Half man, half lion) and kills Hirankashyap and saves Prahlad.


Rishi Narad was instrumental in making a thief into the great Rishi Valmiki. Later, when Rishi Valmiki was in search of an ideal person about whom he could write about, it was Rishi Narad who told him about Shri Ram, thus marking the writing of the divine epic Ramayan.

In the incarnation of Shri Krishna, Rishi Narad was his constant companion and often visited Dwaraka. During the Parijatapaharan or the Tulabhaar lilas of Shri Krishna, he enlightens Satyabhama, the consort of Shri Krishna the true manifestation of his avatar and make her realise that Shri Krishna is not just a mere human. Thus, he makes his appearances in the epics and puranas while preserving the true essence of devotion. Eternally chanting Narayan Narayan, Rishi Narad is always immersed in the bliss of devotion of Bhagwan Vishnu.