Seven steps of success from the ideals of Shri Ram

Today’s younger generation has great challenges to meet in the running race of life to reach success. However, one needs support and the correct guidance to go ahead and Shri Ram’s ideals are like the seven steps for success and give inspiration especially to today’s generation which needs to be ahead of time in making their dreams successful.


Shri Ram teaches us to be modest. Although he was a skilled archer, he never boasted about it and let his skill do the talking. When one needs to be successful, one needs to let the skill and talent talk, but not words. The more we boast about our skill, the more success goes far from us.

Obedience to elders is the most attractive ideal which makes one special. Shri Ram never questioned, but only followed. Whether it was to follow Rishi Vishwamitr, his Guru Vashisth or his father, he dutifully obeyed. The elders are the source of strength and guidance and obedience to them becomes the greatest strength in the path of success.

Life brings many twists and turns. Today’s failure is the stepping stone for tomorrow’s success. One may face obstacles in life, but not stopping and going ahead is what matters and makes one a winner. When Mata Sita was abducted, instead of losing hope, Shri Ram became determined to search for her, but did not give up on his problem. Never giving up and facing the situation and fighting the problem definitely leads to success.

Happiness and sorrow are two integral parts of life. One moment of happiness may turn into a moment of sadness the next moment or vice versa. The time fixed up for the coronation of Shri Ram becomes the time for him going to exile. But, Shri Ram takes both happiness and sorrow in his stride and does not lose his calm. Even after vanquishing Ravan, when the whole world praises him also, he does not take it as a pride but his duty towards Dharma. Keeping calm in all situations is utmost important for success to reach one’s life.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Shri Ram’s greatest strength lied in his friendship. With his pure love and affection, he earned friends like Sugriv and Vibhishan who were ready to put their life into stake and be there for him. Choice of friends and winning their trust becomes the greatest source of support in the drive for success.

Being truthful is the greatest virtue which helps one lead to success in the long run. The success which comes through deceit and being dishonest will only help success in the short run. Truth and honesty remains strong all times. Shri Ram’s greatest strength was his truthfulness and that made him successful in all ventures of life.


Having prejudices or opinions on somebody without knowing what is right is never good. Although the whole of Ayodhya prejudiced Bharat for Kaikeyi’s greed, Shri Ram never misjudged his brother and always loved him. When all mistrusted Vibhishan as the enemy’s brother, Shri Ram believed him and gained Vibhishan’s loyalty. Having opinions and prejudices is the greatest obstacle for success as it stops one from thinking beyond. The seven ideals of Shri Ram are the perfect seven steps of success are like the seven steps of success and when one follows these ideals, success is bound to come.