Shri Krishna to the rescue of Draupadi

In life, often we are stuck in challenges which seem to have a solution nowhere. But the reality is that they have solutions, and the Almighty only tests us to go through the challenges to see our virtuousness. When put to test, a true devotee surrenders to the Almighty and seeks refuge and God does not fail them. In the Mahabharat, the Pandavas were put to many kinds of tests and had to undergo great difficulties, but they overcame all of it, as they had the protection of Shri Krishna on them. Not only his benevolence, but his hunger too saved the Pandavas from trouble.
During the exile of Pandavas, they were living a life of hardships in the forest. Shri Krishna who was their greatest strength advised them to pray to Surya Bhagwan for his benevolence which they did. The Sun God and gave them an Akshaya Patra (Unlimited filling vessel) through which the Pandavas would get the food to eat daily. But, he warned them that once the vessel was washed for the day, then it would be able to give food only the next day. Meanwhile in Hastinapur, Rishi Durvasa along with his ten thousand disciples visits Duryodhan. Although Duryodhan first was reluctant to serve the Rishi, when Shakuni comes up with a plan of trouble for Pandavas through Rishi Durvasa, he immediately goes and receives Rishi Durvasa.
Duryodhan offers the best hospitality to Rishi Durvasa and his disciples through all comforts and riches. Pleased with the false devotion of Duryodhan, Rishi Durvasa asks Duryodhan anything he wished for. Duryodhan bluffs that the Pandavas were jealous of his power and asks Rishi Durvasa to visit the Pandavas and put a test to their hospitality in the forest. Duryodhan knew that Yudhisthir could not serve Rishi Durvasa as he did and it would put the Pandavas in trouble.
Falling for the false words of Duryodhan, Rishi Durvasa rushes to the Pandavas to test them. Yudhisthir welcomes the Rishi along with his disciples with great respect. Rishi Durvasa mentions to Yudhisthir that they would take a bath in the river and then have lunch along with his disciples Yudhisthir asks Draupadi to prepare lunch for the same. Draupadi gets worried as she had already washed the Akshay Patra for the day. Knowing Rishi Durvas’s anger, she prays to Shri Krishna to save them from the wrath of the Rishi’s curse.
Suddenly, Shri Krishna appears in front of her and asks her that he is hungry and is there anything to eat. Draupadi feels embarrassed that the Almighty is asking for food and she is unable to serve it. But Shri Krishan insists and asks her to get the Akshay Patra to him. When she gets it, she is surprised to see a small rice grain still stuck to the edge of the vessel. Shri Krishna eats the small morsel and says that his stomach is full. Then he asks Bheem to invite the Rishi for lunch.
When Bheem arrives at the river side, he sees Rishi Durvasa and his disciples suffering from heavy indigestion. When Bheem invites them for lunch saying that even Shri Krishna was waiting for them, Rishi Durvasa understands what has happened. He prays to Shri Krishna to forgive his arrogance of putting the Pandavas to test listening to the words of the egoistic Duryodhan and immediately leaves from there. Thus Shri Krishna is not only is the saviour of his devotees, but proves that even a small morsel of grain is also the greatest offering of offered with pure devotion and faith.