Shri Ram and Mata Sita – The best companions for each other

In the journey of life, there are many people one meets, one walks with certain people who make the journey beautiful with their companionship. One such ideal companionship is that of Shri Ram and Mata Sita. A beautiful sight when seen together, they stand out as the epitome of companionship.

As a young prince, Shri Ram wins Mata Sita’s heart. He overcomes all challenges and wins her in marriage and they start their journey of life in the royal palace of Ayodhya. They conversed with hearts and knew each other’s step in their journey of togetherness. However, there was a harsh turn in in life and they had to set out on a new journey in the forest. Although thorns pricked the tender feet, they silently suffered it with a smile, giving strength to each other to continue the journey on the path of Dharma. The forest life was tough, but they made it a heaven with their cheerful companionship.

Shri Ram could face all hardships in the forest as Mata Sita was his companion. When one has good company, the journey is a treasured one. Even though they had to wander in the forest facing unknown evils, they stuck together. Mata Sita backed up Shri Ram while he was busy protecting the Rishis from the atrocities of demons in the Dandak forest and took happiness in his valour. She caressed him and took care of him in all needs so that he could go ahead fulfilling his vow of protection to the sages.

When an unrighteous woman like Shurpanakha comes in way of their companionship, Shri Ram simply declines her and orders Lakshman to protect Mata Sita from the greedy demon and punish her. Thus, he proves to the world that he is ready to face any challenge when it comes to his conviction for Mata Sita.

Shri Ram does not desert Mata Sita when she kidnapped by Ravan, but instead goes again on a new journey in her quest. He crosses forests, rivers and the mighty ocean too and finds his lost companion. His love for Mata Sita is such that he builds a bridge on the Ocean in just five days which is even unimaginable for anybody to think too. He gets rid of Ravan and both resume the journey as king and queen of Ayodhya.

When people of Ayodhya question Mata Sita’s chastity, their journey comes to a halt and for the first time they go on different paths. But their companionship does not end. Shri Ram abandons Mata Sita as a king, but not his love for her as a husband. He refuses to re marry and instead places a golden statue of Mata Sita symbolising her purity and innocence to the world. While Shri Ram establishes a Ram Rajya, Mata Sita fulfils her responsibility by bringing up of giving the heirs to the kingdom of Shri Ram, in form of their twin sons, Luv and Kush who just like their father are epitome of truth and valour.


All journeys come to an end, but how does one end it makes the difference. Mata Sita goes back to Mother Earth proving her self-respect and chastity. In a world without Mata Sita, Shri Ram fulfilling his responsibilities leaves for his abode Vaikunth where they both continue the journey of upholding Dharma as Bhagwan Vishnu and Bhagwathi Lakshmi.