Shri Ram denotes the actual five senses need to be possessed by man

Just as how man strives to complete the cycle of the four Purusharthas, it is equally important that he has control on the Panchendriyas, which are the senses. However, what gives the Panchendriyas the true meaning and sense, are the five virtues which support man in gaining control over bad and choosing the good. Shri Ram denotes the real five senses to be possessed by man which enable him win over all the adversities of life and these five senses were always dear to him for which he always stood up for.


Compassion for all – It is compassion which makes us lead a worthy life, and Bhagwan Vishnu teaches us that this quality is the greatest of all, which helps us respect all creation in an equal way. As Shri Ram, he proves it too by having the same affection towards his friends, Nishad Raj Guh , Sugriv and Visbhishan, towards the noble Jatayu , towards a tribal woman Shabari and also towards Ravan wherein he first sends a peace treaty through Angad and respecting all life equally.

Patience –It is with patience that any great task can be achieved. A wise man waits for the right time to teach the evil doers the lesson of their lives. It was the same patience that he walked in the forests as Shri Ram for Ravan to complete his karma. Shri Ram patience averted a conflict in the royal family, and also bought fame to them as the followers of Dharma. He teaches that the more man has patience, the more courage he has to lead life on

Calmness – When Mata Kaikeyi simply said that it was time for Shri Ram to leave to the exile, it was not anger or sorrow which was Shri Ram’s reaction, but calmness. With great calmness, he accepts his mother’s wish. It is with the same calm that he averts Lakshman from rebellion and Bharat from breaking the promise of their father. Being calm in all situations strikes the right balance in any point of life for a human.

Truth – The very reason of man’s existence is Truth and the virtue which keeps the world going is truth. It was to establish the significance of truth that Shri Ram goes through all the adversities of life. For truth, he accepts a life of an ascetic, for truth he protects the sages, for truth he fights for Mata Sita and for truth he endures all difficulties.

Forgiveness – The one who cannot forgive is the one who bears the greatest burden of life. The more we don’t forgive, the more the weight of grudge do we carry. But Shri Ram never carried this burden in his life as he was the one who had the quality of forgiveness. Although banished to exile for no reason, he took it as his mother’s wish and performed his duty as a son. In spite of abducting Mata Sita with deceit, he gave Ravan a numerous chances of forgiveness to avoid war. It was because he had this quality that he orders that Ravan’s last rites would be done as a great warrior and respected him even after his death.

Shri Ram proved through the practise of these virtues that man is capable of conquering his five senses and when this helps man to balance the important Purusharthas for which a man strives all his life.