Shri Ram is the perfect inspiration for modern day time management

Time is the most valuable factor which has a price. The price is that it never comes back. Hence, the wise ones understand the value of time and try to use it in the best way possible. Today, it is a running race of time in which all are running without any rest. Right from the alarm clock which rings in the morning, the race to lead the day starts. Rushing to work, studies, business and many more is all scheduled and we are just caught up as waves in a whirlpool.


Yet, there are people who still are successful and leading the way due to their time management skills. We often come across our mentors or inspirations in life and when we look into their life, what we notice is that they value time and neither are late nor rush to do their work. They prove that managing time is an art. One such successful hero from eternal times is none other than Shri Ram who knew how to manage time in the perfect way.

Shri Ram comes across as a much disciplined indivudual who valued his time. Valmiki Ramayan mentions that he always had a perfect start of the day wherein he started his day with exercise and yoga and gave his morning time to build up his strength and stamina taking care of health. This is very important as only a healthy man can make his life healthy too. Instead of spending his time in luxuries as a prince, he spent it with the people of Ayodhya and family giving wise advice, comfort and friendship. Hence , he was unanimously the one whom the whole of Ayodhya wanted to see as their king.

When the two brothers went along with Rishi Vishwamitr, they spent their time of journey in knowing about the history of their ancestors, great stories from the Puranas and important life lessons from Rishi Vishwamitr, and mould their life into a principled one. They spoke less and listened more and utilised their time in gaining knowledge from their preceptor, which later was very useful to them during their exile. A wise person never thinks that the day to learn anything is “one day” in future, but thinks as the present day is “day one” and values time.


Shri Ram utilised the exile time in the best way. Instead of repenting over his destiny, he makes it good for himself and the others too. He first makes it good for himself by visiting great Rishis like Bhardwaj, Valmiki, Atri, Sarabhang, Suteekshan and Agastya, gains knowledge about life and also develops his skill in archery through attainment of special divine Astras. On the other hand, he benefits the great sages of Dandak forest by killing the demonic forces who harassed them and caused obstacles in their austerities, thus utilising his time of exile as an opportunity to protect Dharma. The one who values time does not repent over the past, but tries to make the best of what is in the present and makes the best of it for future. With such valuable insights into time, Shri Ram is the perfect modern man when it comes to management of time and we all can always learn a lesson or two from his times and his values on time.