Shri Ram misses Mata Sita

The most difficult part for any of those who recite, read or listen to the Ramayan is to go through the part of Shri Ram and Mata Sita getting separated owing to the deceit of Ravan.

After Even Lakshman leaves in search of Shri Ram, Mata Sita is left all alone in the hermitage. Ravan disguised as a hermit comes and enters the ashram. He then, reveals his true self and abducts Mata Sita. Mata Sita calls out for Shri Ram and Lakshman, but in vain. Jatayu comes in aid of her but is killed treacherously by Ravan, and thus fail all attempts of Mata Sita to escape from his clutches. As a last resort, she notices some Vanaras on Rishyamuk Mountain and throws her jewellery to them while requesting them to let Shri Ram and Lakshman know about her when they come in search of her.

In the meanwhile, Shri Ram after killing Marich understands the plot of the demons. He starts for the ashram hurriedly, but is surprised to see Lakshman mid-way. Growing even more anxious, he ask Lakshman as to why he left her unguarded. After Lakshman tells him reluctantly what has happened, he senses danger and both rush back speedily to the hermitage, but the inevitable has already happened.

आश्रम देखि जानकी हीना। भए बिकल जस प्राकृ त दीना॥
Such was the sorrow of Shri Ram when he saw the hermitage without Mata Sita. His beloved without whom he hasn’t lived for a second, is missing. Shri Ram shouts her name in anguish repeatedly, but he gets no answer. He says if she is playing hide and seek with him to stop it immediately and show herself as he is unable to take the pain of separation with her. He runs speedily from tree to shrub, from hill to hillock and river to rivulet, asking about her, but he gets no answer.

The divine persona who is known to have won over all his senses gets stuck with grief because of his separation with Mata Sita. He breaks down and is inconsolable. His grief turns into anger and he gets upset with the gods for not safeguarding her when he was away. He gets ready to destroy the whole world in his anger. But, Lakshman immediately stops him. He consoles Shri Ram that it is not fit for him to either feel remorseful or angry for what has happened. He reminds him of his courage, determination and encourages him that they go in search of Mata Sita. Shri Ram slowly overcomes his grief and controls himself. Shri Ram then sees the deer and the peacocks constantly looking towards south, as if indicating him to go south. He gets determined to find her and both the brothers move ahead towards South.

Shri Ram is a selfless persona who takes any difficulty with ease. He undergoes a life of hardships, yet never felt helpless, as he always had Mata Sita as his companion and they both drew strength from each other. But, when Mata Sita goes missing, he cries like a small child and feels heartbroken, depicting to the world about how Mata Sita is his strength and how he feels lost without her. Known to have always nurtured his feelings of love for Mata Sita inwardly, but never expressed it outwardly to the world, this is the only time in Ramayan that one comes to know about how much he loved Mata Sita and was his life line.