Shri Ram – Positivity all through

When it comes to Shri Ram, there is no limit to define his individuality. As an incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu, he gave himself to the Maya of the world and set an example that for Dharma to prevail, even God undergoes many transformations and it includes both positive and negative aspects. The one who is positive emerges victorious is the lesson Shri Ram imparts. This he does, not because he is an incarnation of god, but with factors which helps inculcate positivity in life. His qualities  were not divine powers, but simple habits of body and mind with which he won the hearts of all.


Living in the Present – Shri Ram had the knowledge of Maya and hence concentrated on making the best of the present situation. When he is asked to leave for exile, there is no resentment even for a single second in his mind, but only the thought that he has to keep up his father’s promise. There was neither worry about the past nor the concern about the future, and he did what in present was his duty. This factor teaches that past has gone and future is yet to come and both these are not in one’s control, hence it is important to focus on the present.

Gentle Talk – Shri Ram with his gentle behaviour and speech was dear to all. He was firm, but polite when it came to the adherence of Dharma. He spoke gently to all and never used any kind of harsh words in his talk. Be it making Lakshman understand that rebellion is not good, or in respecting the wild vulture Jatayu or while talking to the spies of Ravan, the manner of conversation made all respect and listen to him, but never go against him. Shri Ram teaches talking gently and positively always has good results.

Pure thoughts – It is very important to keep ourselves clean and pure, be it our surroundings or our mental health. Shri Ram never had any cluttered thoughts on anybody and there was no hatred in his mind towards anybody as he knew that hate would not only destroy the other person, but also self. When Lakshman doubted Bharat, Shri Ram cleared his doubts. He gave refugee to Vibhishan the enemy’s brother, because he was a person clear in his thoughts. All he knew was compassion and the only time he drew weapons was when Dharma was hindered. When one keeps the mind pure, positivity spread not only in self, but also in the others around us making our life better.


Confidence in self – It is very natural for ups and downs in life to occur, but what should remain steady is the confidence in us. Shri Ram had the great ability to keep his confidence strong in all times. He knew how to strike a balance in confidence and maintain it. When he was the only one warrior who broke the Shiv Dhanush, he did not get over confident about his power, nor did he lose his confidence when he was separated from Mata Sita. Shri Ram’s life is a great lesson that when knows how to manage confidence he definitely emerges successful in life. As a human, Shri Ram achieved the impossible through a personality which had only positive factors embedded and no place for negativity, which makes a positive person all through.