Shri Ram proves Family is the best friend one has

The greatest gift God has given mankind is friendship. A friend is such a support who turns in when the whole world turns out. Shri Ram knew this very well, and he followed it with all his heart by making true friends and also being a true friend. Shri Ram proves that friendship is not only between persons from different families, but can be within the family too. Shri Ram teaches us how to be friends with family, which in today’s times is very much necessary. Shri Ram proves that friendship is a beautiful relation which may be between a mother and a son, between brothers, between husband and wife too who are the foundations of a happy family.


The friendship between Shri Ram and Kaushalya is a beautiful emotion. Since childhood, Shri Ram was very much attached to Kaikeyi. But, instead of being possessive, Kaushalya was understanding and never came in between the two, even when Shri Ram left for the forest on the wish of Kaikeyi. Shri Ram worshipped Kaushalya for that broadmindedness and gained strength from her. Their affection for each other was never open or outspoken, but still Kaushalya and Shri Ram understood each other as none did. Not being possessive develops a broader outlook between family members and makes the relation secure.

Nobody could understand Bharat as Shri Ram did, even his very own mother Kaikeyi. Shri Ram very well knew about Bharat’s calm and silent devotion towards him and always backed him in all situations. Be it in a childhood game of brothers, or in the decision of making Bharat the king instead of him, Shri Ram always supported Bharat. Shri Ram had total confidence in Bharat and cleared all suspicions of Lakshman towards Bharat. Thus as a brother he avoided a family conflict and made the family even more close to each other. Bridging small communication gaps, which keep occurring between family members and backing them as a friend, especially in critical times is very important lest it creates communication gap in the family. If it wasn’t for Shri Ram, there would have any major gaps between brothers and the story would have been different.

In the journey of life, the destination is not important, but the company with whom we travel is. Shri Ram was the best company to Mata Sita in all journeys. Shri Ram being way ahead of time defined that being a friend of the life partner is the best gift one can give. As the wife of Shri Ram, when Mata Sita makes Ayodhya her home, Shri Ram welcomes her warmly and showers her with all love and affection. He asks her to be his friend, companion and guide and help him walk on the path of Dharma. He never lets ego of being a man define the relation between them and this earned Shri Ram immense respect from Mata Sita. This respect made her walk with him in the comforts and difficulties of life, with a smile and trust that Shri Ram would take care of her all times. Trust and respect are the foundations of marriage and makes the friendship of a husband and wife permanently secured.


God gives choices in friends, but not family. But by making friends with family members, friendship and bonding with family both become an integral happiness of life and that‘s what Shri Ram has proved. Hence, his family never left him and they were all together all times of joy and sorrow.