Shri Ram returns back from his exile.

It takes a lot to strive for a good cause, but when achieved, the happiness and the rewards one gets is beyond words to describe. In Ramayan, the final event of Shri Ram and Mata Sita united again brings the same kind of happiness amongst all. Not only the Vanar warriors rejoice, but Brahma Ji and Bhagwan Shiv along with Indr and the other celestials come to applaud Shri Ram for the great task he has achieved and also to let him know who in reality he is.

Brahma Ji reveals that Shri Ram is none other than Bhagwan Vishnu who is the preserver of the creation who has incarnated as Shri Ram. But, the noble Shri Ram reverence says that he is happy to be known as the son of Maharaj Dasarath and would abide to karma of good and bad in his birth purpose. Bhagwan Shiv prophecies that, Shri Ram’s rule would be called as the Ram Rajya, which would establish great ideals for humans. Maharaj Dasarath, too appears and blesses Shri Ram to be remembered for his ideals as a son and a brother. He blesses Mata Sita and Lakshman to always be in the service of Shri Ram. As a boon of the celestials, all the dead monkey warriors come alive and the camp of Shri Ram is filled with jubilation.

However, Shri Ram’s thoughts are set on his dear Bharat. He expresses concern with Vibhishan that how would they be able to reach Ayodhya in a single day from Lanka and fears for the life of Bharat. Vibhishan dismisses all the doubts and calls for the Pushpak Viman. He then expresses his wish they all would like to accompany Shri Ram to witness his coronation as the king of Ayodhya. Shri Ram gladly accepts and all set out for Ayodhya in the Pushpak Viman which had the capacity to accomdate as many people as wished for.

The Pushpak travelled swiftly and reached the ashram of Rishi Bhardwaj who duly welcomes Shri Ram and offers hospitality to all his entourage. Shri Ram’s dear friend Guh also comes to meet them with great joy. Shri Ram asks Hanuman to go to his dear brother Bharat in Nadigram and relay the news of their arrival, lest he gives his life away. Shri Ram asks Hanuman to carefully observe the facial expressions of Bharat and says that after a long rule of the kingdom, if Bharat desires to rule further, he would happy to give the kingdom to his dearest brother.

When Hanuman comes to Nandigram and conveys the arrival of Shri Ram, Bharat faints with joy and thanks Hanuman for the happiest news he has ever heard in all the fourteen years. Bharat immediately calls for celebrations and festivities in Ayodhya. He orders all the houses, palaces to be decorated richly, dancers and musicians from all the corners to come to the city and fill the city with celebrations. He asks the roads to be filled with gold dust and decked up beautifully with all preparations to escort Shri Ram back to Ayodhya. The noble Bharat takes Shri Ram’s padukas in his hand, and then along with his mothers, Rishi Vasisht and his counsellors goes ahead with tears of joy to welcome Shri Ram for whom he waited in agony since fourteen years. Finally, the wait has come to an end and all of Ayodhya rejoices with their king coming back from exile.