Truth – the Mirror of Ramayan

The mirror reflects the image, and the same is true when it comes to Ramayan. Shri Ram stands out as the epitome of truth, and he is reflected as the image of truth since times eternal.


Truth is a habit. It has to be acquired, and Shri Ram acquired it so beautifully that it is one  of the best qualities of him. The essence of truth lies just not in speaking it, but also following it through Man, Kram and Vachan, and this stands for him and also for all those who served him and loved him.

Truth is a fact. One needs to accept it. Shri Ram accepts the fact that it is up to him to fulfil the boons that Maharaj Dasarath has given to Kaikeyi. The greatest test of truth comes only in hardships, and although he could avoid those hardships, he instead accepts them and stands for truth.

Maharaj Dasarath loved Shri Ram so dearly that he could not live without his dear son. He dreamt of a kingdom that would prosper under Shri Ram and he would be at peace with all responsibilities handed over to Shri Ram. But what happens is totally the opposite. Maharaj Dasarath is devastated by the boons Queen Kaikeyi asks. But, in spite of knowing that he will be departed from his dearest son, he does deny the boons as he is bound by the truth. He forgoes his life because of separation from Shri Ram, but does not leave following truth till his last breath.


Truth is pure. For keeping his father’s word, Shri Ram leaves to the forest. Before leaving to the forest, he wholeheartedly gives the kingdom to Bharat. But Bharat as an ardent devotee of Shri Ram also stands for the truth. In fact, Bharat re instates the truth to Queen Kaikeyi that it is only Shri Ram who is actual heir of the kingdom, and imposes upon himself self- exile. His sacrifice is so great, that Shri Ram calls him the representation of Dharma and the greatest brother of all four.

Truth is strength. This is the greatest truth for Lakshman. He sacrifices all his comforts to serve Shri Ram. His greatest happiness lies in serving his brother day and night in the forest, but not in the comforts of a palace. His devotion and sacrifice gives him immense strength to fight the greatest warrior of the times, Indrajeet. After a mighty battle, Lakshman aims his arrow at Indrajeet and says that if Shri Ram always speaks the truth, and he has served his brother truthfully, then the arrow which he aims at Indrajeet would kill him and it did. Such is the strength of truth.


Truth delivers. Mata Sita goes through immense hardships in Lanka. She suffers from heat, cold, rain and all the threats from Ravan too, but does not even for a second remove her heart and mind from the thoughts of Shri Ram. The  love for Shri Ram is the ultimate truth  of her life, and that is what she believes in. When she is asked to go through the trail of fire, it is the same truth which supports her and delivers her again back safely into the hands of Shri Ram.

Truth Shines. As Shri Ram says truth controls this world and Dharma is the truth. Just as Ramayan never stops residing in the hearts, truth will never stop reflecting the ideals of the same till eternity. Truth is the mirror of Ramayan.