Shri Ram teaches the virtue of reasoning to help mankind achieve success

Life is the most unpredictable gift which comes with a beautiful wrap around it, but one never knows what is in store for us. However, one has proper reasoning, then it helps them prepare for future without hindrance to Dharma. The most important reasoning one has to develop is consequences of an action, be it a relation, career or family. One should never come to conclusions nor be hasty or things may take a different turn. An inspiration for such intellectual and foresighted thinking is Shri Ram who demonstrates that there is always a reason to do a thing in a particular way.


Shri Ram with the help of his Vanar warriors builds a great bridge across the Ocean. Shri Ram had all the power to dry the Ocean, but he waits for three days for another solution as he did not want to disturb the balance of creation and did not take a hasty decision. The result was a feat of building the bridge which remains even till date as the greatest human task achieved. Lest Shri Ram dries the pcean up, the world would be in chaos, and it would be a display of his power, which he avoided being humble. Shri Ram as the wise farsighted one, respects the rules of creation, involves his army as a team and achieves an impossible task. He believed in success of the whole army, than only he himself being credited which is the vision of a true leader, who believes in his and his team’s success together.

The spies Shuk and Saran were caught by Vibhishan while they try to sneak into Shri Ram’s camp to know the war strategies of Shri Ram. The Vanar warriors are ready to kill them, but Shri Ram releases them. Shuk and Saran themselves are surprised at Shri Ram’s compassion. Shri Ram sends them back to Ravan with a strong message that no spy strategy or sorcery would work against Dharma. This farsightedness of Shri Ram first, makes him the compassionate one and it creates fear in Ravan’ army that the enemy is not as simple as they think. This vision of Shri Ram enhances the courage of the Vanar warrriors too that their belief in Dharma and Shri Ram is more than enough for them to fight the demons.

By thinking far ahead, Shri Ram respects the rules of war and sends Angad as a messenger for the greater good of avoiding bloodshed. At the same time, when all decide to send Hanuman, Shri Ram decides to send Angad. This was because Shri Ram wanted to let know Ravan that it was not only Hanuman who was the only powerful warrior but all his army was as powerful as Hanuman. With this gesture, Shri Ram achieves three things, one is the effort for peace, the other is making Ravan understand his warrior’s capacities and the third is increasing the confidence of his own army by complete trust by not differentiating them from Hanuman. This proves that strategic thinking and calm attitude before even in the greatest challenges of life always leads to success.

Shri Ram inspires one to think ahead and plan strategically, instead of running behind success. His actions not only make him a great leader, but also teach mankind that with a little foresight and respecting Dharma, one truly can be ready to win over the future and achieve success as gifts of the Almighty.