Shri Ram teaches to face the Unknown

When it comes to facing the unknown, Shri Ram is simply the best. Shri Ram’s name gives us the zeal to face any situation with energy and enthusiasm and deal tactfully with it. Facing an adventure is not just limited to facing a demon or display of warrior ship skills, but adventure is facing the unknown situations with grit and a calming attitude and overcoming it with courage.


Shri Ram as the son of a great emperor like Maharaj Dasarath had a different destiny to follow. His first journey facing the unknown started with Rishi Vishwamitr itself when he follows the great sage to do whatever he commands on his father’s advice. At a young age he encounters powerful demons like Tadaka and proves his mettle by vanquishing them. The spirit of Shri Ram inspires the Rishi to give him great knowledge of Astras and Sastras and double up his heroism.

When an unknown situation comes, how one faces it becomes a point of notice to all. On listening the order of Maharaj Dasarth that Shri Ram has to be sent to exile, Lakshman is furious and gets ready to fight for his brother’s right. But Shri Ram calmly mentions to Lakshman that a warrior’s mettle is proved when at times he does not raise arms and accepts the situation calmly. Shri Ram’s spirit does not deter because he has to go to the exile, but instead he gears up immediately to face the unknown hardships of the forest. With grit and courage, he shows way to his people that standing for Dharma teaches to face any sudden situation in his lifetime.

The forest is not a place of comforts, but an unknown zone. Without even a home, Shri Ram, Mata Sita and Lakshman roam the forest all times barring scorching sun, rains and chill winds of the seasons. Yet, they never complain and take life as it comes. Instead of worrying about the hardships, Shri Ram turns up as a hero and saviour of the pious rishis of the Dandak forest and eliminates terrifying demons that harassed Dharma. Shri Ram teaches that making an unknown situation can also be made beneficial towards one self and others, when has the courage to face it.

An adventurous person never stands back for new challenges. With great belief in his army, Shri Ram does the mightiest task of building a bridge on the Ocean and reaches the shores of Lanka for the great battle of Lanka. Although not even having armour to wear for battle, his spirit does not come up, but instead soars high. He motivates his huge army and brings their focus to a single task of elimination of evil forces. No sorcery, tricks nor deceit works in front of the energy and enthusiasm of Shri Ram and all the evil forces succumb to his fighting spirit. When a leader does not lose spirit, it becomes the greatest motivation to the entire army and face the unknown with a positive spirit.

Facing the unknown is facing all possibilities which come in the course of life. Although many uncertain things happen, when one has a spirited mind and is ready to go ahead, then life is an adventure. With Shri Ram as the driving force, if one gears up for the unknown in life, then all unknown situations are bound to be inspiration steps in the future.