Shri Ram teaches to fight the challenges of a life as a true warrior

Life is filled with tests and trials and one needs to fight them as a warrior with true grit and determination to achieve success. A true warrior never loses his stand of Dharma no matter it is a war with evil forces or the challenges of life. An inspiration for the same is Shri Ram where he taught mankind to fight obstacles of life like a courageous warrior who faces adversities yet, never gives up on values and virtues.


Shri Ram’s fight with the life started as a young prince when he fought the demons Marich and Subahu. In spite of having exemplary skills of weaponry, he abides to the command of the Guru teaching the value of humility which helps not only achieve success, but also brings fame as a true warrior.

When one wants to beget true love, he has to fight for it as love is tested and tried. When he reaches Mithila, he becomes a warrior who has to face the greatest challenge of breaking the Shiv Dhanush to win the hand of his beloved Mata Sita. He stands for the test of love, not through bragging and boasting of his strength , but as a simple person whose actions speak instead of words and gains the respect and honour of entire Mithila and the love of Mata Sita forever.

Joys and sorrows are part and parcel of life and a true fighter takes them in his stride. A true warrior not only displays strength when needed but also keeps calm for greater good. Being a great warrior, Shri Ram believes in the unity of the family instead of fights against each other and leaves to the forest without any grudges on his father, mother or Bharat thus proving that Dharma is the real weapon of a true warrior. When one stays true to his fight with perservance, he is bound to win the challenges of life, no matter how difficult they are.

The true grit of a warrior is displayed when he faces hostile situations with confidence. With determination to reach Mata Sita after her separation from him by Ravan, Shri Ram makes use of his warrior skills to come out of the adverse situations of his life. He does not rest till he finds out about Mata Sita and reaches Lanka with the Vanar Army. Shri Ram becomes a fighter for self and motivates that a brave and a courageous warrior never gives up on fighting the adversities of life.

Be it life or a war, a warrior’s true fight is for the ultimate purpose of upholding the goodness of the world and eliminating the evil. A warrior does things which are beneficial to self, and more for the greater good of the world. By killing Ravan, Shri Ram becomes the protector of Dharma, by saving Mata Sita, he honours womanhood and gets back the love of his life, and finally by crowning Vibhishan as the King of Lanka and giving back Lanka to its own people, proves to the world that his war was to save goodness, but not to conquer kingdoms for fame. Be it individual aspirations or for the benefit of the world, Shri Ram imparts a true fighter stands for what is right, which makes his life successful and his fame shines eternally as a true warrior of life.