Shri Ram teaches to stand up to the challenges of life

As a human, Shri Ram gave himself no exception to himself in meeting the challenges he faced in life and he took them as any other human would. It can be said easily that as he is an incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu, he was able to achieve many tasks. But just as it goes that it is easier said than done, when we look at his true nature just as Shri Ram, he called himself as the son of Maharaj Dasarath, but never an incarnation of Bhgawan Vishnu. He faced challenges as a human, but never as a God. He did this because he wanted mankind to learn that everything is possible if one stands up to the challenge. With only the help of the knowledge he gained as a human, did he achieve the impossible.


When Shri Ram and Lakshman go along with Rishi Vishwamitr, the path is unknown nor is their goal But instead of worrying as to where the Sage takes them, they enjoy his company and the journey. There is always a first time in life. Shri Ram fought the demon Tadaka as his first challenge and finishes the task with confidence on his knowledge gained from Rishi Vashisth. This encourages Rishi Vishwamitr to bestow upon him even more powerful Astras and Sastras with which Shri Ram and Lakshman kill Marich and Subahu, thus making their experience as lessons to face new challenges.

If taken the first step forward confidently, then we overcome the first challenge of life. Then the first challenge of our life becomes our experience for our second one and we know how to deal it in a better way just as Shri Ram did in dealing with the demons.

Challenges also come in shape of testing our capabilities to get what one wants or seeks. When Shri Ram sees Mata Sita in the Pushpavatika, he falls in love with her, but he knows the challenge he has to fulfil to marry her. When Lakshman mentions about how impatient it is to for Shri Ram to break the bow and win Mata Sita, Shri Ram calmly answers that during a test, one needs to concentrate on the action, rather than the result. The same belief makes him win his beloved Sita in marriage.

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When one faces a challenge of knowledge and skill, it is always important that one focusses on how the task has to be finished. Shri Ram knew that there were many suitors for Mata Sita and he saw each and every king try his luck. But instead of panicking about the competition, he calmly waited for his Guru’s command and turn. He did not brag or boast about his strength like other kings instead focussed on the task. By keeping his calm, he gathered his energy and concentration and as soon as he got his turn, he broke the Shiv Dhanush with effortless ease and succeeded in getting what he wanted. A calm and a focussed attitude helps win any impossible challenge.

For Shri Ram, Challenges were part of his life. He took them as and when they came with attention to the task to be performed rather than worrying about the result and always stood up for them. Challenges are nothing but, lessons in life which help us deal better with the help of every experience we gain while overcoming it.