Shri Ram – The ideal Hero of all times

Ramayan is the story of Shri Ram. Shri Ram is not only the hero of Ramayan, but also the role model of all for an ideal life. Shri Ram’s exceptional qualities of valour and loyalty make him the inspiring hero of all times.


A hero has the foremost quality of courage. Shri Ram’s innate qualities of exceptional strength are depicted all
through the Ramayan right from his childhood. When he was of fifteen years, accompanied by Lakshman, he goes along with Rishi Vishwamitr to fight the mighty demons of Tadaka, Marich and Subahu. They successfully protect the Rishi’s Yagn and prove that they were indeed worthy of Rishi Vishwamitr’s knowledge of divine weaponry. Rishi Vishwamitr further proves the great strength Shri Ram possesses by taking them to Mithila where Shri Ram meets the challenge of breaking the Mighty Shiv Dhanush. In a feat where mighty demons like Ravan, Baanasur and many others were defeated, Shri Ram does the job with ease and perfection and shows that he is indeed the hero to be idealised for strength and power and fit to marry princess Sita.

A hero‘s powers are put to test in different ways. When Shri Ram was exiled, Lakshman rebels and asks Shri Ram to fight the injustice if his step mother Kaikeyi. But Shri Ram refuses politely and convinces Lakshman that sometimes the real test of a warrior is not to raise weapons and take things in the stride of destiny. This innate quality of Shri Ram proves that he is a hero who does not boast or show off his power. He uses his powers only in times of protecting Dharma, but not against it even though it’s for his own personal justice.

Shri Ram’s control over his senses, especially anger proves him superior to all. He acts as a guide to his dear brother Lakshman who was known for quick temper to calm down and think rationally. Lakshman misunderstands Bharat’s visit to Chitrakut as an attack on Shri Ram and he gets ready to face Bharat in battle. But Shri Ram remains calm and makes Lakshman realise that anger leads to destruction. He makes Lakshman understand that one should keep in mind the consequences of their actions and then act accordingly. This calmness of Shri Ram averts a great rift between the brothers and Lakshman understands the importance of control over anger.

A true hero never steps back to face unknown challenges. Encountering different adventures in the Dandak forest, Shri Ram faces all the unknown perils with courage with a smile. He earns the love and affection of all sages through his noble and gentle behaviour. At the same time, he strikes terror in the demons and vanquishes them for troubling the sages.


He proves that a hero never loses hope and goes on his goal of finding Mata Sita. With his great commanding skills, he becomes an inspiration to the mighty Vanar army and guides them to victory over Ravan. With the great victory on Ravan, he not only accomplished his goal of getting Mata Sita back, but also relieves the worlds of a treacherous demon.

Shri Ram was a normal man, but with his virtues became a hero. He is a valorous man with humility, he sacrifices his comforts, but never compromises on Dharma, he takes others difficulties as his own, and bestows happiness on them. With all these divine virtues, he is the inspiration and ideal hero of all times.