Shri Ram – The Perfect Leader

The role of a leader is the most important one in a team’s victory. His direction is the one which would lead the army to success or defeat. Shri Ram, the most intellect of all on the request of his dear friend Sugriv takes up the commander-in-chief duties and doubles the vigour of the Vanar army. He dutifully thanks all of them and says that with such powerful warriors fighting for him, he would easily kill Ravan and his entire warriors. He acts as a perfect leader and displays outstanding leadership skills.


As his foremost duty, he first fixes the auspicious time to start on the journey on the next day when the moon is in the conjunction of Uttara Phalguni and Hasta Nakshatr, which brings success. Shri Ram keeping in view all the morals of warfare assigns the tasks to the Vanar commanders duly. He first orders Neel with a hundred thousand warriors to proceed in front of the army, clearing and exploring the best possible way filled with lots of fruits, honey, tubers and cool water as resources of food and water. He also warns the warriors not to lose sight of enemy attacks and asks them to be vigilant all times. A true leader always has foresight and precaution along with confidence to lead the army.

Shri Ram then orders Gaj and Gavay to lead the front of the army after Neel, and the warrior Rishabh to guard the right side of the army and Gandhamadan, to guard the left side of the army. With all sides secure, he says that Lakhshman, Sugirv, Angad, Hanuman, Jambavan and Kesari along with many other powerful warriors would accompany him in the middle through which all the army would be monitored.

When the leader is virtuous and the cause is righteous, even nature turns favourable. Such is the power of Dharma that the whole of the Universe comes in tune. Lakshman mentions to Shri Ram about all good omens happening. He notices the wind favourable, the sky clear and the sun shining bright. Lakshman also sees the pole star Dhruv shining bright as if guiding the army towards the light of victory. He hears the beasts and the bird’s utter sweet sounds proclaiming Shri Ram’s victory. Lakshman feels immensely pleased with all these good omens and assures Shri Ram of great victory over Ravan and successfully returning back to Ayodhya with Mata Sita.

With such a great army of monkeys and bears, Shri Ram marched forward covering the entire earth. The army looked like great clouds occupying the whole sky. While some monkeys lashed out their tails, few stamped the earth with great strength. Some monkeys made huge roars and few played with rocks as if they were toys.


The never stopped for a moment and walked day and night with shouts and hails of victory to Shri Ram. The entire army reached the Sahya and the Malaya Mountains filled with huge trees and beasts along with Shri Ram. Then Shri Ram reached the adjacent Mahendra Mountain and caught the first glimpse of the vast Ocean.

For an army to be powerful and successful, the prime factor is the trust in their leader. Right from the starting the quest for Mata Sita, it is the trust factor which always worked for the mighty and devoted Vanars. Success is built on mutual trust of the leader and the army and thus Shri Ram and the monkey army march forward to succeed in their goal.