Shri Ram’s kindness has no boundaries

Ramayan gives us many insights about how to lead life, more importantly a purposeful life. Kindness is not limited to a specific deed of only the rich helping the poor, but kindness is helping parents, helping friends, helping animals and being gentle towards all. Shri Ram has showed beautiful examples of kindness in his behaviour and it shows how kindness can bring immense happiness to one self and also to others who are at its receiving end.

Shri Ram was always gentle and kind to his brothers. During his childhood, he could not see them disappointed, and hence used to deliberately make them win to see the happiness on their faces. He was helpful to all and assisted in all the daily activities of the Gurukul and did his job without any complaints.

As a prince, he was always known for his sweet conversation and gentle behaviour. He gave his time to listen to the problems of his people and gave them valuable advice. He respected his father’s counsel as his elders and always was humble with them, never showing off his knowledge. He spent his time in the service of parents and kingdom, but never spent a luxurious life as a prince.

When he was commanded by Queen Kaikeyi to go to the forest, he did not utter even a single word of blasphemy, but took it as a duty to fulfil his mother’s wish. Shri Ram even convinces Lakshman about the love which Queen Kaikeyi had given them, and advises him not to judge her for her behaviour. Kindness never judges, it only does what is expected and is unconditional.

In the forest, When Nishad Raj Guh comes and receives him as his master, Shri Ram very warmly mentions that he is his friend but, not his master. With great love, Shri Ram accepts the grass bed made by his friend and appreciates his effort in making it. Gentle and kind behaviour always wins the hearts of people and Shri Ram gained a special place in everybody’s heart.

As a husband, there is never an occasion that we see Shri Ram was harsh to Mata Sita. He was always kind to her and always did gentle conversation with her. Be it the palace or the forest, he was always there to take care of her. The relation of husband and wife stands firm on being gentle towards each other, rather than take the relation for granted, and the behaviour of Shri Ram and Mata Sita indeed gives valuable insights into this important relation.


Shri Ram’s kindness towards his friends is incomparable. Even though remorseful for his beloved Sita missing, he does the final rites of his friend Jatayu, who in fact is a flesh eating bird. He patiently solves all the problems of Sugriv as his first duty, although he is worried about the whereabouts of Mata Sita. With great kindness, he offers protection to Vibhishan and wins his heart forever. Shri Ram ‘s kindness reaches the pinnacle when he says that he would even forgive Ravan for his mistakes if he surrendered, in spite of Ravan being the reason for all his suffering. The only boon he asks Maharaj Dasarath after his victory over Ravan, was to forgive his mother Kaikeyi and not have a grudge against his brother Bharat. The kindness of Shri Ram has no boundaries and hence he is fondly called the Karuna Sindhu, the ocean of kindness.