Shri Ram’s Signet Ring gives hope to Mata Sita

After a futile search, the first sight which gives happiness to Hanuman is the vision of Mata Sita in the Ashok vatika, with thoughts fixed on Shri Ram. But he sees Ravan approaching her accompanied with many of his wives and asks her again to become his consort, but Mata Sita refuses. Ravan gives her two months of time to surrender and leaves Ashok vatika.

Mata Sita laments for some time and then decides to end her life with the braid of her hair. Hanuman to gain the confidence of Mata Sita starts narrating the story of Shri Ram. Mata Sita wonders from where is this sweet voice is coming from. She thinks whether it a reality or a dream wherein she is listening about Shri Ram in Lanka. She prays to all gods requesting to make this moment a true one.

Hanuman comes in front of her and bows to her. He tells her that he is the messenger of Shri Ram and narrates the journey of Shri Ram and Lakshman after her abduction. However, Mata Sita suspects him to be a demon. Hanuman to gain her confidence mentions all the good qualities of Shri Ram and requests her to have faith in him.

Then, Hanuman gives the signet ring of Shri Ram in order to remove her fears. He mentions to her that this was the same ring she had given to Shri Ram to gift it to the kewat after crossing the Ganga River. On seeing the ring, Mata Sita is filled with both happiness and sorrow as it reminds her of her days with Shri Ram. Hanuman too mentions the sorrow state of Shri Ram and his hope of seeing her soon which keeps him alive. Mata Sita hopes that her days of gloom would end soon and Shri Ram would come soon and save her from Ravan. She also mentions that she has only two months left lest Shri Ram would not see her alive.

Unable to see her plight, Hanuman offers that he would carry Mata Sita on his back to Shri Ram and finish this task once and for all. But Mata Sita refuses it with dignity, saying that it would be against the honour of Shri Ram to do so and that she would regain her honour back with Shri Ram killing Ravan. However, she expresses doubt as to how would the monkey army cross the vast ocean. Then Hanuman assures her that under the leadership of Sugriv, there are even more powerful warriors than him in the army who would by all means cross the ocean and come to her aid.

Hanuman then asks Mata Sita, a token of remembrance for Shri Ram so that his swami would gain some solace seeing that. She removes her Choodamani, and mentions the episode of Jayant to Hanuman which would give belief to Shri Ram. She asks for forgiveness of both the brothers for the incident of the golden deer by which all this has happened.


Hanuman consoles Mata Sita and re assures her of their return very soon and takes leave of her. Mata Sita blesses him that he would be the most loved devotee of Shri Ram forever. With a heavy heart, she bids him good bye with a hope of being re united with Shri Ram very soon.

This conversation of Mata Sita and Hanuman is the most important conversations as equal to Bharat Milap and hence stands as one of the beautiful conversations of the Sundar Kand.